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  1. Has everyone already received their financial aid package from Stanford? I still haven't received anything.
  2. @E-P @bumbleblu Thank you both so much! Lots of great tips! I'm definitely gonna try feeding him in his carrier and getting him used to the travel harness. I also bought the Feliway calming spray but haven't tried it yet. I'll give him an extra pet/cuddle
  3. @bumbleblu I guess I'm nervous because my cat is skittish and has never gone further than a trip to the vet. I hope the crowds and security scanners don't freak him out too much.
  4. @bumbleblu I also bought the TSA fast pass harness and leash but haven't used it yet. I've been worried that the plastic might snap if he gets scared or tries to run. Did you feel it was strong enough?
  5. I'm so glad to see other animal lovers who can't imagine leaving their pets behind! Some family/friends have told me to leave my cat behind when I go to grad school so it's easier to find an apartment and to avoid all the travel costs and stress. @kristine22 Like you, I simply tell them he's family and leaving him behind is what would actually stress me out. With so many things changing, it'll be a comfort (for both of us) to have him with me. I also hope to get a studio so I don't have to deal with a roommate who has a problem with cats. I'm currently living in Egypt, so I first need to
  6. @shookienewman I know I'm a little late to this thread, but I was curious to hear about your POLS experience. I hope you got a lot out of it and it suited your needs. I'm currently in the same position of choosing between POLS and EPM and would appreciate any insight anyone has that will help me - and anyone in the same boat - make the right choice. (I think you're right though...There isn't really a "wrong" choice!)
  7. Nothing here. Many other schools replied back long before their official decision dates. Berkeley's window is so broad that it's hard to guess.
  8. Anyone attending both the Stanford and HGSE admit days (especially for POLS and EPM programs respectively), I'd be very grateful for any insight you have to share. I won't be able to attend either event, as I'm overseas now. I will, however, attend one of HGSE's virtual welcome events. There are so many assumptions/impressions we have about schools based on our reading and tiny snapshots of each program. It helps so much to have first-hand information as to what the day-to-day experience is like and what students feel is a unique strength of the program. Feeling very fortunate, but a
  9. Same here. Seems kind of odd, considering 4 out of the 5 schools I applied to sent me their decisions within a 48 hour window last Thursday/Friday. Did you apply for an MA too? I'm waiting mostly out of curiosity, but I've pretty much made my decision. Do you know the acceptance rate for MA programs at Berkeley GSE? Their website is kind of cryptic in all respects.
  10. @Basil23 Thank you! Yes, the next day I got accepted to both Harvard EPM and Stanford POLS...So I guess all's well that ends well Any luck on your end so far?
  11. @Juicebox7 You're completely right about it being a luxury to have such a decision to make. I feel so fortunate and so excited (also very nervous, in a good way!). Since I'm living in Cairo right now, I won't be able to attend admit day at Stanford. Luckily, HGSE has several virtual events, so that'll be better than not attending at all. I agree that I'd probably fall in love with both anyway. @greenteagrad It's a great "boat" to be in! While it's difficult to really say without having actually experienced either program, I get the feeling that HGSE has incredibly rich opportun
  12. Yeah, it was definitely a crazy, nerve-wracking day of waiting, but it was worth the wait! @Juicebox7 I see you've been accepted to both POLS and EPM. Same here! What do you plan to do? I think several of us are choosing between HGSE and Stanford GSE. I'm definitely leaning toward HGSE right now, but so excited about both opportunities. Congratulations everyone!
  13. sheriberi

    HGSE 2018

    I was accepted to the EPM program Here are my stats: Age: 31 GPA: 3.71 (undergrad), 4.0 (credential program) GRE: 166 Verbal, 155 Quant, 4.5 AW Professional background: Almost a decade as a primary teacher/English teacher in international schools in Cairo, Egypt (British system). Currently Key Stage 2 Head (basically head of Grades 3 to 6) Wishing you all the best wherever you decide to go!
  14. @gsehopeful Was feeling the same until I got my POLS acceptance just now too! Good luck people!
  15. sheriberi

    HGSE 2018

    Accepted to the Education Policy and Management program!
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