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  1. gsehopeful

    Stanford GSE

    To be fair, one of the reasons why I think that Stanford doesn't highlight the "can do/learn/explore anything" is because that's the vibe of Stanford grad life in general. Obviously, I'm drawing my evidence from the POLS info session I attended and having spoke to Stanford grad students but there are so many opportunities to take classes in other departments and many POLS classes are cross listed with GSB, law, policy, CS, sociology, etc. Just something to keep in mind I understand the dilemma because I too, like others here, am debating between Stanford and Harvard.
  2. gsehopeful

    Stanford GSE

    YES! I actually live in the Bay Area so I'm pretty much always around haha
  3. gsehopeful

    Stanford GSE

    Was feeling really discouraged knowing that people had heard back a few days ago but I got my POLS acceptance via email today! Good luck everyone!
  4. gsehopeful

    Stanford GSE

    Solidarity, friend. I was also thinking we'd hear back yesterday (and I also thought @montferrat was STEP) anticipation is killing me!
  5. gsehopeful

    Stanford GSE

    Oh man... I didn't realize that people who applied to POLS started to hear back. Now I'm feeling really pessimistic...
  6. gsehopeful

    Stanford GSE

    Any news from the masters (non-STEP) front? Trying to remain optimistic but definitely starting to feel the butterflies...
  7. gsehopeful

    Stanford GSE

    Ah, I'm so sorry to hear that Best of luck with all your other applications! What program did you apply for?
  8. gsehopeful

    Stanford GSE

    Ah!!!! I'm so tempted to pay $29.99 JUST to find out. Also, I just created an account to be in solidarity with you guys as we wait the waiting game...

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