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Housing: advice needed. Which one to choose?


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Hey guys,

I have 2 options for housing and I really need your advice. I asked few people, but still I can`t make up my mind.

Option A: living with 1 student(PhD student, really nice roommate I think), apt is furnished, but my bedroom is unfurnished, private WC, shared shower, no gym in the complex, deposit: 150$, lower total rental(including all utilities), the closest bus stop is 10 mins walking(only 1 bus stops there), grocery is 5-6 mins.

Option B: living with 2 or 3 students ( 2 grad+1 non-student, a bit older employed guy), fully-furnished, private bathroom, has gym in the complex, deposit: 580$, slightly bigger total rental(+30$ I guess), the closest bus stop is 4 mins walking (3 buses stop there), superstores(Walmart, Target) are 4-5 mins walking.

If money was absolutely no issue, I would probably go for the option B, but I`m a bit concerned about high deposit. On the other hand, if I know for sure that they will fully refund my deposit at the end, I would definitely go for option B, even if I can save money in option A, since I think I won`t be able to save much in option A, right? I mean I will still have to buy bedframe, desk, chair, dresser, right? But I don`t know, I might be wrong, I don`t have much experience with this, especially I never lived with roommates.

Note that, I can`t afford buying a car, so I will need bus stop. Also note that it`s just for 1 semester(till July).

And the problem is I`m not in the US and I have to decide just based on information I get from internet before I arrive.

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*2 or 3 students
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I'd say having more than 1 bus stop will be more than helpful later on. I think that is a safe +. (you're going to hang out at different places and catching the 1 bus line you need will more than probably be a huge pain)

The downside of option B is multiple roommates: although you have a private bathroom (that sounds awesome), it's win or lose there: you might be A-okay or might discover you are easily overwhelmed with all the people around you. That being said, living with 2-3 people is typically more fun and less tense than being 1 on 1, at least from my pov as having just the one roommate, and from friends' and acquaintances' experiences as well. 

Money-wise, the house being totally furnished is also a very smart +. I think with option A not being furnished, you might rather easily spend up to the $350/400 diff... you also have multiple stores, which probably signifies more competitive prices. Overall, option B also seems to be situated in a more "alive" area. 

Yes, I'd say option B with the possibility that you hate living with more than 1 roommate! But then again, with option A you might hate living with the 1 person.

If you're not from the US and if this will be a whole new experience, then I think option B seems to be very promising socially speaking. You'll have more friends more quickly, will have someone to rely on at various times. And I'm sure it'll be a blast. ;) 

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Thanks very much for response! I`m also more inclined to the option B, I hope I will manage to get full refund of deposit.

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I guess my question which one is less likely to be sealed up pretty well? I guess that's a weird question but all the places I've rented from have had cracks somewhere which lets bugs in. This may not be a problem for you but usually something so small points to larger issues. I would be overwhelmed by two people but I've only lived by myself or with my boyfriend. They both sound fine to me! Also don't expect to get your full deposit back. Maybe half? At least that's been my experience and my friends. Its one of the easier ways to make money off of you

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The deposit is a one-time cost. You're going to be living in the place for 7 months. I would not make a long-term housing decision on the strength of a one-time deposit. And, as you mention, that $400 difference is going to be more than consumed by the price of furniture.

So go for option B. Honestly, it sounds better in every way other than having more than one roommate.

Why would they not refund your deposit? A deposit is supposed to be security.

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