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  1. @Rin Congrats! I also have one more year to go in my program as well! I also enjoy the versatility in a museum program. I'm currently interviewing for full time internships atm. Fingers crossed I get a bite. I'll know by August 8-10 if I got one internship and I have two more interviews to go.
  2. I lived in Virginia before moving for grad school. Yes be prepared for all the humidity! Also make sure you have an umbrella, it rains more. Overall, you don't have anything to worry about. My friends and I wore casual clothing. Not yoga pants but jeans, sweaters, jackets, etc. Also you don't have to get a lot of heavy duty winter clothes. Just get used to wearing layers.
  3. @angesradieux Thanks, I've constantly been updating the lost fb page. I've also left flyers and keep calling the animal shelter. I'm sick so I'm planning on going out there tomorrow. I've been replenishing the food and water bowl like he's still here. My neighbor thinks someone took him, he's seen sebastian be super friendly to other people. I've tried to walk around and talk while i'm looking. I've read on the internet that it makes them pop out. But after a dog attacked me i haven't walked around that much. I feel very unsafe since animal control did nothing to help me. But my neighbor says
  4. @angesradieux I'm very sorry your family doesn't appreciate you. and in my vent, i got bit by a dog today..
  5. @Cheshire_Cat @angesradieux @shadowclaw thank you all for your kind words. they mean a lot. I will keep you guys updated. I'm not moving until a little while so I'm hoping he shows up soon. Also @angesradieux i'm very sorry that you were taken advantage like that. Its grossly unethical. I understand why you are bitter. I don't have much advice, only an internet hug.
  6. I'm hoping he comes back, he's been gone since Friday. I've visited all the pounds/shelters/petsmart and left flyers. I've put up ads on facebook groups. At least he's chipped. I'm going to visit the vet soon and see how they can help. I've put on the flyer I'm willing to pay for his return. He's been mainly outdoor (I wanted to bring him in but I was afraid of being evicted, one of my fears is being homeless). If I find him, I'm going to set him up in a nice pet hotel that I'll visit everyday until we move into our new pet friendly apartment. I know the truly responsible thing was to wait unt
  7. While it is not directly anthropology, the Texas Tech University museum science program has funding available. We have entho and anthropological graduate assistantships. Our program has an internship or thesis track. While its not much, lubbock is a low cost city.
  8. This does sound very annoying. From what I can tell, you are mainly annoyed in how people are going about this. I would be too. While you uploaded a public version of your code, did you and your lab supervisor discuss future plans/applications for the WHOLE code or not? I would assume two different scenarios in this situation, but we all know assuming isn't the best. One the lab supervisor saw how much trouble it was to create the code in the first place, so they are most likely thinking why reinvent the wheel. Or two, the lab supervisor doesn't see what the big deal is because it didn't take
  9. There's this one bar/restaurant that has awesome apple cider mojitoes. Omg I only have several more weeks till the end of my first year. I feel super burnt out. I did the bare minimal of homework today.
  10. urggggg why does it take forever to get a study approve?! I know the logical answer but i wanna whine
  11. I hate group work and similar to @Neist library studies, museums are primarily team work. I'm excellent as long as the team is me, myself and I . Ouch I'm super grumpy when I don't get enough food and sleep so I feel your pain!
  12. I think mine is different because I have a resume but not a CV. I do include my GPA because I am in a terminal masters degree and I feel like I've worked hard for my grades. Also I may be applying for different things. For example a lot of federal internships/jobs ask you about your GPA and if you are in an honor society. Its important for me to list both on my resume because it highlights my application to HR and increases my chances for an interview. But I'm not going strictly into academia.
  13. I'm sorry that your first year has been lonely! I would have to say I don't really hang out with my cohort that much, except for two. We started hanging out because of doing favors for one another (driving to the airport, working on assignments together, etc). Also have you thought about maybe your peers don't invite you because they don't think you will enjoy their plans? For example, my cohort likes to drink a lot and go to movies. Neither really interest me so I don't get invited. Tbh they may think you are being a friendly acquaintance, thats how most people view me. I think you may just h
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