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  1. With you there. Our office is having a massive shake up with new faculty and new students, in addition to other tensions. It's going to be an interesting fall semester! Hope your office politics get resolved/calm down!
  2. @Pink Fuzzy Bunny yeah I'm a first year (well almost 2nd year!) but we take our candidacy exams at the end of our 2nd or 3rd semester depending on how we're getting on. I'm looking at postdocs already because my advisor thinks I might be out in 3 years total, so that only gives me 2 years to figure it out. At the 18 month mark I want to have a list sorted, and know which conferences to go to to schmooze appropriately! The 7 papers are as follows: 1 where data is already collected, 1 which is a lit review, 2 which are from the same data collection which we're getting ethics for this summer, 1 i
  3. Oh wow, envious! Summer is crazy busy over here, I'm working on 7 different papers, of which 5 or 6 I am expected to be first author. Just got back from a 5 day vacation though which was fantastic! Hit the ground running tomorrow with data collection in the afternoon. I'd love to have a bit of a longer break but going to try to convince my advisor to let me work from home a bit (when I'm on writing). We have a HUGE conference in August, and another smaller one in September so lots of prepping for that stuff too. I passed my candidacy exams so officially a PhD candidate now, and got to deal wit
  4. @rhombusbombus no I haven't been to trivia there, I think I'm joining the trivia team with my advisor in the fall tho (he goes to Ottos). We should grab a beer in Zenos when we're both in town!! Also Murphy's Law (which I only learnt what it was today, in the UK we call it sod's law) sucks! Good luck
  5. So I got an email this morning saying I am a finalist for a New Investigators Award, which is amazing, but the winner will go to someone who is at the conference. Fair enough. I'm pissed because I can't go to the conference. I thought my old advisor would chip in maybe a few dollars, I had $350 from my current university for an international conference, plus I'd applied for funding from outside agencies. All in all the travel to the conference, plus conference fees themselves were coming out to be about $1500, and on my stipend (plus health and car costs I've had to eat this month) I couldn't
  6. NOooooo coffee, I must have missed your earlier post. I'm so sorry. Fingers crossed you find your cat and they just went on a misadventure.
  7. Seriously, eff this effing week. I'm freaking out because I have an MRI on monday that I'll have to pay a bit for, potential surgery depending on the MRI which means I'll have to shell out for htat, and yesterday evening the transmission on my car went so that's going to cost a ridiculous amount to fix. I have no idea where I'm going to get potentially $5k + to pay for all this. I need to stop freaking out and wait for the diagnoses on the car and my injury but right now I can't. To top it all off I'm taking my candidacy exam in 3 weeks, and have finals this coming week. AGH
  8. Oh trust me I half live in Zenos, love that place! Penn State is like nowhere I've ever been before but it's definitely infectious. I am blue and white now.
  9. @Pink Fuzzy Bunny Lol I love saloon in winter! And I love a good pitcher but there's a time and a place!! We tend to go to the more grad studenty bars but still have to deal with the up-themselves undergrads who think they can hang out there (that came out wrong, it's more they have the attitude "I'm so mature I can go to the grad bars" but they still want to vomit at the end of the night). PSU has a party reputation and it's something the student body will not let anyone forget. If we slip in the party school rankings they will try to fix it. It's an interesting time right now with all the gr
  10. Oh that sounds great! We have a week when they all come back during the summer and we have to deal with the drunken chaos again. But phew, time off of classes and 18 year olds!
  11. Ugh I just graded my TA sections exams. I'm so proud of a lot of them, but there's a group who just f**ked it up, and they're the ones who I have to keep breaking up all semester, who've already been caught plagiarising. Like I know it's not my fault, but ugh. Anyone else looking forward to the undergrads disappearing and classes stopping for the summer? I can't wait! 2 and a bit weeks to go....*deeeeep breaths*
  12. I have to do a group project and group presentation with undergrads this semester....I thought it would be awful with me doing all the work but one of them is really proactive and it's great to be able to sit back and just edit whatever they do.
  13. Oh my goodness, today ahs been amazing. I had a great meeting with my advisor and I guess it was kinida a review that I initiated in a roundabout way (asking about making clear summer goals and a goal for where to end up at the end of year 1) and got told a bunch of really nice things. Oh it's exciting and i'm excited and he's excited and if I wasn't so exhausted I'd be bouncing with excitement
  14. I mean I graduated 3 years ago so yes it does! But there was a speaker from the UK yesterday and I turned to one of my friends and asked whether I was that English because he seemed so foreign. Definitely become americanized, not in accent but definitely in mannerisms and phrases. It was very odd and made me think that it's been a while since I've been in the UK. Does feel like I've been here forever now!
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