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  1. I declined UT Austin for Comp Lit today. It's an incredible program in an amazing place, but unfortunately the stipend just wasn't enough to cover cost of living + my MA loan repayments (what a great idea that seemed at the time). I'd either have to take out another loan or be dependent on my partner for a few years to make it work - neither of which I want to do. Genuinely heartbroken as it's SUCH a fab offer, but hoping it creates some waitlist movement for someone here! Good luck pals, we're nearly there xxx
  2. I was working full-time on top of running a freelance gig throughout this application cycle, and I'll be honest with you...it's tough. After a 9-hour stint in an office, the last thing you really want to do is sit in front of another screen and start a different kind of work. It is certainly possible to pursue work and graduate apps simultaneously, but I would say it can end up taking a toll on you both physically and mentally if you don't allow yourself enough time to rest and recharge (preach @jadeisokay!). Everyone is different, of course, but what really helped me to strike a balance
  3. Hello pals! I don’t suppose any of you kind people would be willing to share your experiences interviewing for comp lit grad programs? I’m currently floundering working out how to prepare, and would be so so grateful if anyone could shed some light on the sorts of questions that are likely to come up. More than happy to chat in messenger if that’s easier than posting in the forum (and to identify any potential conflicts of interest - don’t want to step on anyone’s toes!), and I will of course report back with my own experiences for anyone in the same boat. Thanks so much in advance ☺️☺️
  4. About four people posted on the results survey that they had been offered interviews by NYU, so I assume that not being asked to interview means I’m probably not on the shortlist. Of course, this is 100% speculation, so i guess anything could still happen - but I’m not very optimistic!
  5. Hey comp lit pals! Only just found this thread, but so glad I’ve finally found my people to commiserate with over this loooooong old waiting game. I’m also an implied rejection from NYU (it was a definite reach for me but I’m still sad ☹️), interview at USC and accepted to UT Austin (heard the funding situation is dire tho so a bit hesitant). Massive congratulations to everyone who’s had good news so far! I’m still waiting on UCLA...anyone have any idea when they might start notifying? Gah I can’t wait for this to be overrrr
  6. Do we think all the NYU comp lit interviews have gone out? My hearttttt
  7. HAHAH this has really tickled me on an otherwise v stressful day. Have never related to anything more
  8. Thanks again for your help everyone. I just got a response from the coordinator saying that funding/campus visit info will come my way soon (hooray!). @purrfectpals and @beardedlady - the email also said that “flights will be covered partially, if not in full, by the department”. So that inspires a bit of hope on the financial side of things!
  9. Thanks @beardedlady and @spatial_person! I’ll wait until it’s a more acceptable time over there and drop them a quick email. Fingers crossed and omg everyone’s research interests sound so exciting!
  10. Hello again UTA pals! Was wondering if any of you wonderful creatures could help me out with something? It’s now been three days since my portal status changed, and I still haven’t had any contact from the department. Do you think it’s too eager to email them and ask about visit days and maybe enquire about the funding situation? Can’t tell if it’s totally normal to have a delay and I’m just being impatient, or if there was an email that just didn’t get to me, or if (worst case scenario) the acceptance genuinely was an administrative error! Thank you thank you thank you for any insights! ?
  11. @arbie ah that’s so good to know, I had no idea you could haggle for stipends! Definitely something to bear in mind. Thanks so much, and good luck on all the rest of your apps too!!
  12. Congrats on all your acceptances, you are killing it!! Yeah I feel you on the funding thing though, I’ve had a glorious year and a half of full-time salary and I’m already dreading the return to the instant noodle student life. I guess you’ve got to weigh up all the different factors - how well the course fits your needs, whether you will enjoy the city, and also whether or not you can actually survive financially. I certainly don’t wanna have to spend five years living on cereal with no medical insurance (although to be fair that basically defines my undergrad experience and I survived that!)
  13. @arbie oh god it’s so hard, I was absolutely certain UTA was gonna be a rejection for me (the lack of visit/funding info is only exacerbating dat imposter syndrome) so honestly I hadn’t even seriously considered the possibility of going there! I’m hoping that visiting the campus and meeting the faculty will give some more clarity, it’s such an amazing place and the course looks absolutely incredible. In any case, I’ve yet to hear from two more schools, and the acceptances I’ve got here in Europe are all pre-funding...so this may be the best offer I have, in which case I’ll be thrilled to take
  14. Hey! Thanks for starting this thread ☺️ I’m the rogue comp lit acceptance, haven’t had an email from the department or anything yet (just an automated msg to check the portal) so no idea if I’ll be at the same visit day. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there though! What are your fields?
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