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  1. madandmoonly

    Campus visit thoughts?

    I’m here! I’m at Rice! Sitting outside reading some V. Woolf before things get wild in a few hours; it’s slightly chilly and I can hear the birds. I am content.
  2. madandmoonly

    Campus Visits

    I mean, if I make an ass of myself I can always just go to the other school 😂
  3. madandmoonly

    Campus Visits

    Visit #1 for me is tomorrow & omg I'm so excited & suddenly terrified
  4. madandmoonly

    2019 Acceptances

    oH MY GOD?!? That's AMAZING I'm so happy for you!!!!
  5. I don't mean to sway anyone's decision in any direction, of course, since I'm not in charge of anyone's but my own, but I'd just like to point out that in our subfield, certain professors at Rice are really prestigious. Like, I'd say at the very top of this subfield. Obviously I'm a little biased, but that is something you can't see from simply rank alone.
  6. I'll be the one who looks like an overdressed child! (I'm really short.)
  7. I love the similarity of our situations. I plan to ask questions about the vibe of the cohorts and department in general & advising styles of profs to determine "quality of life" aspects. For the one that's "not as a good of a fit," I'd ask about what kinds of dissertations graduates are working on/have worked on in the past to determine if anyone is doing similar work to myself. And what kinds of classes are being offered.
  8. madandmoonly

    2019 Applicants

    CONGRATS @dilby AHHHH & congrats to others for being done w their app cycles!!
  9. madandmoonly

    How to celebrate good news?

    Super relatable, @jillcicle. I feel like doing an MA has made me so much more aware of what I'm looking for in a PhD program!
  10. I don't think they refer people to the MA; not that I'm aware of? Perhaps it's an invisible waitlist sort of thing? Or just a terrible rejection system. Neither would surprise me!
  11. madandmoonly

    Choosing Between PhD Programs

    I agree, PhD is already a full-time job.
  12. madandmoonly

    How to celebrate good news?

    Yeah, yesterday my mother asked me why she seemed more excited than I am. I'm a chronic worrier so I've just been stressing more than anything. I did get coffee with my advisor right after it happened, so I guess that was somewhat celebratory. I think after I officially accept I'll be able to feel somewhat more excited? But then, as someone who just completed a master's, I'm just kind of like, oh god this is gonna be hard. Haha.
  13. madandmoonly

    UT Austin Acceptances

    No idea re: UT placement rates, but I do suspect their waitlist will see some movement™ before April 15th. 😉 Hope this helps you!
  14. madandmoonly


    Checking my scores on the GRE just now, I had a 159 Verbal & 142 Quant, and I'm really glad it had absolutely no effect on me getting into two programs within the top 40. I hate standardized testing and didn't even read most of the questions on the math section.
  15. madandmoonly

    2019 Applicants

    GradCafe measures out its life with coffee spoons

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