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  1. madandmoonly

    2019 Applicants

    It's amusing that some of us are already set up for the fall semester & I just got an email today asking for my official transcripts so I can actually be a real Ph.D student now. lol. (They're busy, I know, it's totally fine. ) I'm thinking about this problem a lot too! Mostly about the pre-1800 and post-1800 reqs (I need two courses in each), coupled with the fact that I plan on pursuing two different certificates which both have different course requirements as well. Along with all of the regular required courses + stuff that just sounds interesting.... Basically I'm gonna need a lot of guidance from whomever my advisor is about which classes to take. 😂 Me, trying to figure all this out in my brain:
  2. madandmoonly

    2019 Applicants

    I haven't gotten many new emails since April, so there's not much going on on my end... I have, however, probably memorized their website, graduate student handbook, and all the degree requirements for the next ~5 years, at this point... Yeah, I really need it to be August now.
  3. madandmoonly

    2019 Applicants

    I got accepted to present at two different panels at the NWSA this year!! I'm so frickin excited to go to San Fransisco, y'all.
  4. madandmoonly

    Prepping for Fall 2019

    I'm traveling, visiting family and friends, etc. In terms of academia-related things: nothing, really. Actually, I'm actively trying to spend my time reading stuff that's unlikely to end up on an eventual comps reading list. I have two theory books written by future profs (fingers crossed one of them ends up as my advisor) that I'd like to read before school starts, but other than that I'm staying away from theory till then. Trip to Alaska (graduation present) and my actual graduation ceremony in a couple weeks!
  5. madandmoonly

    2019 Decisions Thread

    Ditto!! Surely we must. Congrats @arbie -- it's a great school for sure!
  6. madandmoonly

    2019 Applicants

    Turning down programs feels terrible every time and I hate it 0/10 would never recommend
  7. madandmoonly

    2019 Decisions Thread

    I don't blame you honestly. That visit weekend was incredibly persuasive and everyone was just so chill somehow?? I'm still shocked by how much I liked everyone, given what a grumpy old man I usually am. Plus, I couldn't turn down that stipend or chance to work with TM. I'm really excited!
  8. madandmoonly

    2019 Decisions Thread

    To the surprise of probably no one who's ever heard me say anything about anything, I officially accepted Rice's offer of admission.
  9. madandmoonly

    Turned Down Offers Thread

    I just turned down UT Austin's offer. Stings a lot, actually -- I absolutely adore my POI there. But this should cause some movement on the waitlist, so good luck for those waiting to hear.
  10. madandmoonly

    UT Austin Acceptances

    See y'all later today!
  11. madandmoonly

    2019 Decisions Thread

    When will GC member @dilby stop leaving us hanging & give us the deets about their second visit smh
  12. Another thing to consider: When I was applying to programs I had similar anxieties about one student seemingly combining two fields in the same way that I want to do. But when I emailed them to ask them a few (unrelated) questions and mentioned our similar interests, they told me that their profile hadn't been updated since they started the program. So the info stated on the website was a bit outdated, as their research project had taken a different shape since then. So. I wouldn't stress too much about it -- projects change. Yours likely will, too.
  13. Unpopular opinion but: rank isn't the most important thing in the world.
  14. madandmoonly

    Campus visit thoughts?

    Can confirm, Rice is cool as hell, y'all.
  15. madandmoonly

    Campus visit thoughts?

    I’m here! I’m at Rice! Sitting outside reading some V. Woolf before things get wild in a few hours; it’s slightly chilly and I can hear the birds. I am content.

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