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  1. Anyone else excited to start hearing back from programs? I've done calculations, and think most of the ones to which I'm applying will get back to me sometime in February. I'm excited and a bit timid at the same time, with no idea about how this will go.
  2. I have lots going on, but nonetheless manage to constantly refresh the results page and check my email. I am also growing a bit eager to hear back, any which way. I have a sense of when places will get back to me, but who knows exactly when and the how. Until then..!
  3. Are acceptances and rejections and waitlists discrete events? As in, does a rejection from one program imply a rejection from other programs, and vice versa? Does anybody have anecdotes or evidence to share on this topic? I can't help but think that early rejections predict future rejections? Hmmmm! Maybe not?
  4. I just finished all of my applications. It took the entire month of December. I will need to go through them this week to make absolute sure that I'm not missing any materials. This was quite the process. I found myself tweaking my materials each time with each subsequent application. I have no idea how this will play out. I have applied to over a dozen programs. I really wish I could tell now, but I am absolutely unsure of my chances at any program. Not an idea. Good luck to all! Happy Holidays!!!!
  5. Hi everyone, I have another question -- I just received my Fall semester grades. Is it recommended to go back and upload a new transcript that shows these grades? Or should this only be done for programs that explicitly require or ask for it? Thank you.
  6. Hi there. I thought I would stop by and wish everyone well. I am an applicant this season. I have a question -- When programs get 300-500+ applications, how do they narrow the applicant pool down to the couple dozen that will get offers of admission? What is the actual process like? Does anybody have insight to share? This includes PhD programs in general across subfields and disciplines. I am just interested in this because I know that PhD admissions are a stretch. How does it work in practice? Until then, best of luck to all! :)
  7. I'm in an MA program now. I'll be entering my second year this Fall. I'm also applying to PhD programs this next application season. I'm seeking advice on a rather crucial question. My MA program doesn't require a thesis option for me to graduate. It's possible to just do coursework and a portfolio instead. Right now, I'm in the non-thesis track. Question: How important is it for an MA student to complete a master's thesis if they wish to get admitted to a PhD program? Is it weird if I just do coursework with an independent study instead of a thesis? Will the non-thesis option raise
  8. Hi again. I was going to create a separate thread, but I will ask this question here first. Statement of Purpose -- Do any current PhD students have their SoP that they'd be willing to share with me? You can send it to me as a message. Does anybody have any other SoP resources that they've consulted that helped them? I know there's old threads about the SoP. I'm looking to get a survey of what other people did so that I can get a sense of what effective SoPs look like. Thank you.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm going to be applying to programs for this next cycle. I'm in a MA program now. I plan to draft most of my application materials this Summer. Best of luck to all.
  10. I am an applicant in this year's cycle and my list of schools is growing smaller. I have taken the advice of some and tried to find the best fits for my research interests. In doing this, I have found that I have almost ten schools that I like and are in the top twenty of a usnews ranking. Based on people's experiences, I wanted to determine if this would be a bad approach. Should someone like myself reduce how many top programs I apply to in order to "increase" my chances of getting in somewhere? Or are admissions so low that it doesn't really matter about ranking. I do not want to be sh
  11. The powerpreps give a good range of scores, but don't take them to heart.
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