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  1. First off, @Compele, congratulations on your offers! That's impressive! This is a tricky situation, but it ultimately boils down to what you hope to achieve down the road. Is the school that offered you admission to their PhD program one of your top programs? Is it a program that you would thrive in, that would support your interests well, that could help you secure a job later on? If so, I would take that route, no questions asked. But because it sounds like you have some reservations about accepting that offer, you might do better to complete an M.A. Like you said, earning an M.A. woul
  2. Hi there, @CompLit! I received word of my acceptance around the first week of February, and from what I understand, they have already issued the majority of their offers for this cycle. I say that only because a more recent email regarding my campus visit mentioned that many of those admitted have arranged to come during the same weekend, but I can't say for certain if they have made all of their decisions. Don't hesitate to reach out via email to ask about the status of your application, and take what I have said with a grain of salt. I do know, however, that all offers will be out by th
  3. Hi, hi! I'm happy to announce that I have been accepted to Michigan—my top choice. I still have a couple of programs to hear back from, but I am almost entirely certain that I will accept this offer of admission. Congratulations to you all on your acceptances, and to those still waiting to hear back, don't give up hope yet. Best of luck!
  4. @Clarisse451 Hey, yes! When I posted this, those were programs that had already sent out interview requests or accepted applicants for the fall. Some of them are still deliberating—to my knowledge—so don't feel discouraged if you applied there! --- @pdh12 Ahhh, sorry! I should have clarified, but I'm finishing my MA in a department that also offers a PhD! I could not imagine trying to transfer, omg. And yes, I absolutely agree. What one person might consider a "bad" school will always be someone else's best fit, and regardless, what matters most is what you do along the way. So I'm n
  5. I have mixed feelings, but I agree more than I disagree with this. I think it would benefit from a metric related to programs' placement record. Last time I checked, Emory's was dicey, but they have high marks across these fields. I wonder to what extent that discrepancy may result from their name and perceived status as a "Southern Ivy." But, full disclosure, I'm a little embittered by my own program's not-so-great ranking according to this list, so take my perspective with a grain of salt.
  6. Another batch of rejections today, y'all! There's still time for things to turn around, but I have a gut feeling that I'll end up continuing on in my current comp. lit. program, which is less than exciting (as much as I recognize how fortunate I am to have that as a backup plan).
  7. Same, @jadeisokay. Northwestern, yeah? It seems they sent out automated humanities rejections en masse yesterday—art history, comp. lit., history, philosophy. We'll get there. It was hard to swallow, but if nothing else, it's better than not hearing anything until April.
  8. Hi, everyone! How are we holding up? Personally, I have run out of fingernails to bite—for better or worse—but I hope to hear back from schools in the next week or so. For those of you who applied to a comp. lit. program (or a related discipline, e.g., media studies) this cycle, how are things on your end? Congratulations to those already on the board! Yale, Emory, Duke, Cornell, PSU, Irvine, and Santa Cruz will be lucky to have you, whoever you are. If only out of masochism (as I have yet to receive anything): to those of you who recently interviewed at Penn State, how did it go? W
  9. Hi, all. This is going to be somewhat vague (and something that doubtlessly varies by applicant, field, school, or any number of other factors), but it’s something that has made me increasingly anxious as application deadlines draw nearer: Do you all think that my having completed core requirements at a “regional” school (ex: University of [North, South, East, West, etc.] [State]) could impact my consideration for a PhD at historically “elite” schools? Is it something I should qualify in my statement of purpose, that I elected to attend a local school to save money with the int
  10. Hi, everyone! I'm new to GradCafe, and I'm reaching out to ask about any programs you all may know of with strengths or established faculty working in "digital culture"—broadly defined—or related fields. I'm a second-year M.A. student in a comparative literature program at a top-15 public university, and I am set to send out Ph.D. applications in the next month or so. I hold two bachelor's degrees in two national literatures from an all right R1 state university, and I graduated summa cum laude and with a good deal of research-related honors. In short: I'm attempting to make the jum
  11. No worries in the slightest—I'm sorry if I came off too brusque. You know how it goes: late-night writing, too much coffee, stress over the application season, etc. I took on a patronizing tone, to be sure, so I apologize if my comment read less like advice and more like a rant. By all means, message me! I'm in my second-year of Comp. Lit. study, and I would be more than happy to share what I have learned along the way. I came from two national-literature departments, and the difference has been... palpable.
  12. It's not impossible to make the transition you're suggesting, @poboy, but it will require deft maneuvering on your part. As an undergraduate, I had a professor who followed the same path, albeit in South America: they earned a B.S./M.S. in a subfield of Engineering and successfully enrolled in a Spanish Literature & Culture program at a fairly well regarded school in the Northeast. But they also had the benefit of speaking Spanish as a first language and knew enough English to meet the TOEFL requirements their school had in place. It's worth noting, however, that this success story took pl
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