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  1. same here with one waitlist specifically at Columbia! unfortunately my guess is this year we will know extremely late as everyone that has been accepted was not able to go on campus visits. also, if anyone is waiting to here from Oxbridge funding, I was told that I got nominated for the AHRC scholarship and that results were expected to come out last week, but for obvious reasons everything has been postponed.
  2. does anyone know when columbia visiting weekend was?
  3. thank you! just got waitlisted. is columbia your friend's first choice? trying to understand my chances of getting in
  4. thank you for this! Are you currently at Columbia? If so, do you mind if I message you with a couple of questions?
  5. I don't know about Classics or their admission results, but I interviewed with Classical Studies just this past week and was told I was going to hear back by the end of next! Oh good to know! I knew they invited people to visit after making an offer, I guess it's weird to me they would make people come all the way there and possibly reject them.
  6. thank you for this! also that's crazy, do they at least pay for your campus visit even if it's before admission?
  7. sorry for asking this again but does anyone know if admission decisions for columbia classics could affect their classical studies program? i interview for classical studies this week and was told they will let me know by the end of next week, but i am also worried that decisions from classics might affect my chances?
  8. thank you so much, this is super helpful! what was the program for the first interview? i have a 15 mins interview coming up with Columbia for their Classical Studies program, which is my top choice so I am veeery excited but also nervous. Since it is not a strictly classics department i am wondering if they might ask me similar questions as opposed to focus on my language training. Also yeah just updating this thread with my result because I posted on the results page but they keep classics/classical studies separate. I did not apply to columbia classics but i am guessing if they are scheduling interviews for classical studies, there might soon be news for those of you who applied for their classics phd!
  9. Hey guys! for those of you who already have interviews, how are they like usually?
  10. thank you, and congrats again! do you guys think there is a chance of them asking for interviews/releasing results on different dates depending on the path?
  11. congratulations to you and everyone else who received good news! may i ask you which path you applied to at Princeton?
  12. adding to the list of vague but potentially useful information: last year i applied for PhDs in comp lit and deferred an offer at Northwestern to do an MSt first. my offer came on the 29th of January and my visiting weekend around the 10th of March. So if timelines are similar, perhaps acceptances from Chicago will start coming next week? who knows
  13. does anyone have any news from chicago? judging from the forum they seem to have sent acceptance really early in past years but no one has posted anything yet
  14. hello everyone! does anyone know if Columbia Classics and Columbia Classical Studies send out letters around similar dates or if they operate completely separately?
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