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  1. i'm also implying rejections from harvard, yale, and michigan, since there are reported acceptances on the board for all three..... D;
  2. @dilby ummm...can we collectively brainstorm the nature of this imminent tattoo? can you tattoo a meme? is this antithetical to Memeness?
  3. @sugiliteCONGRATS!!!!!!! @trytostay ughhhh--a rejection after an interview is So Much Worse than a flat-out rejection. Solidarity.
  4. I have the same 3 pending as you, plus a few more besides....it's Debilitating. Debilitatiiiiiiiinnnngggg...but i've been very lucky to have received some good news already. got any ideas re: when we might hear from some of those? it Must be imminent?!?!
  5. @itslit oh interesting, are you trying to transfer from one phd to another? how's that process been? seems like it could be stressful! As far as comparing schools go, I feel pretty in the dark. it seems impossible to know how great a school will be for you until your actually a student there. I feel like we've hit pique purgatory. I can't tell now if silence is good or bad...
  6. @amphilanthus love those sentiments. This purgatory feels SO precarious--everytime I try to get zen and let the chaos take a backseat, some email or phone call explodes the calm. Making these decisions seems impossible; mainly, the part where you have to inevitably say 'no' to something. and the part where you have to totally upheave life-as-you-know-it to take the next step--whatever that ends up being. Jeeeeshhhhhh also.....i can't help but fall in love with the people at every program......or...i can't help comparing the ''friendliness'' of their respective emails to each other, then feeling biased toward those that are "friendlier"......objectivity must rule the day in this, but i'm such a "feelings" kinda folk...
  7. Really, you don’t have to worry! I was accepted into both grad programs i’ve done with no visits, and no expectations for visits. the ND thing is an anomaly.
  8. finally get to join the rejection train ain't even maaaaaddddd (ut austin comp lit bye forever)
  9. @placeinspace don't leave us yet! there's still hope! we need your banter!
  10. Hey fam~ There doesn't seem to be many of us out there, but I'm curious to hear how everyone's school selection//admissions process is going. Do you put much stock in the NRC rankings for comp lit programs ( https://www.chronicle.com/article/NRC-Rankings-Overview-/124718 ) ? Which programs are you deliberating between? Does anyone have thoughts on UMass Amherst, U Oregon, UC Santa Cruz, etc...? Good luck!
  11. also, what's everyone thoughts on this: https://www.chronicle.com/article/NRC-Rankings-Overview-/124718 ?
  12. anyone else here apply to UMass Amherst?!?!?
  13. Also...sidenote...I know this gets reiterated excessively, but It's Reeeeal: if you get "shut-out" this year and Really Want that PhD, freaking keep reading & writing & learning then re-apply! I first applied straight-outta-undergrad, real green and weak, did a coupla MFAs, and I've so far been accepted into 4 fully-funded PhD programs!! Change is manifest!!
  14. @rachel11nyc I'd say if they pay for your visit *and* you're Definitely considering them *and* you feel conflicted about choosing between programs then it's absolutely worth it to go. It's good to experience that un-qualifiable Vibe in-person before deciding on a 5+year commitment with a few select people (your professors/advisors/cohort/etc). Mainly, it's possible that the school you think is your top choice doesn't actually *feel right* in reality, while a place you applied to cuz 'why not' might be amazing.
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