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  1. today in surreal sentences: headed to UVA in the fall!
  2. declined vanderbilt. agonizing choice - such an amazing, warm, brilliant community. unfortunately I’m not sure if this will help anyone as I know a fairly big group has already accepted, but fingers crossed!
  3. thank you both!!! very surreal! so, uh... related note, is there anyone who attended the UVA visit who wouldn’t mind messaging me? would love to be able to ask a few questions and hear impressions!
  4. accepted off the waitlist at Virginia!!! screamed when I saw the email, to the horror of everyone else around me on the train...
  5. I was told this by the DGS - early was his word, not mine! might not end up being the case but I want to believe.
  6. anyone else feeling at least a little nauseous at all times as we enter the last week of waiting here? if not, that’s cool, I’m nauseous enough for all of us! it’s gonna be a loooong week (for the UVA waitlist crew: I heard movement is expected “early” this week, fwiw)
  7. officially declined Rutgers today, pretty torn up about it. such a hard choice. hope it helps someone here out because it’s clearly an amazing program!
  8. if anyone has questions about the details there feel free to message me and I can pass along exactly what was said! trying to preserve some small shred of online anonymity but happy to share what I have more privately
  9. thank you! slowly but surely. hope you’re approaching something like clarity too - looking forward to hearing where you end up!
  10. @The Wordsworthian unfortunately it’s the English/WGS joint program, so it’s a bit more up in the air. but thank you! fingers crossed all works out perfectly for you too!
  11. @The Wordsworthian I haven’t officially done so yet because the idea of doing so makes me wanna barf (but I will before the end of the week, for anyone on the waitlist who’s dying for news!) but I’m going to be declining Rutgers’ offer. so, down to Vanderbilt and waitlists, particularly holding out hope for Michigan!
  12. waitlist purgatory solidarity! the worst. finally made the choice between my two offers, which was agonizing enough already, and the idea of suddenly having to make another choice at the very last minute is my nightmare. two more weeks! we’re so close, y’all!
  13. finally got the UVA waitlisted email too! got very excited (and terrified) to see an update but nothing new. glad that it’s at least official now.
  14. yeah, also want to push back on the idea that a gap year will hurt your application! I graduated undergrad in 2017, and while it wasn’t exactly my original plan, I think it’s been incredibly helpful to take two years off. I’ve had multiple faculty members at my accepted schools mention my time away as a positive, actually, by suggesting that it must have helped clarify what I want to do (and it did!) and to go a step further: I haven’t done a single academic thing in these two years. I’ve been working full time in an office job with no connection to my academic interests, haven’t written anything more academic than my SOP, read...a little bit. ish. of course I’m sure people who spend their time off researching/reading/writing are in better shape than me! in an ideal world I would have done those things. I only want to mention this to emphasize that if for whatever reason you need to take a year off, it’s also totally okay to focus on your life. it’s fine to try other paths, or fine to focus on a job and saving money, or fine to just enjoy not being in school for a bit. anyway. if you’re reading this thread, thinking about something like the MAPH, and you’re worried that a gap year will hurt your application next time around: please don’t worry about that or let it be a deciding factor. the only “right” path is whatever feels right for you.
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