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  1. I accepted Syracuse's offer yesterday! OSU is not taking anyone off their waitlist this year, and I got the official "no" from Virginia on Monday. Is anyone else heading to Syracuse in the Fall? If so, feel free to reach out to me! I won't be checking this site as much now that my application cycle is over, but good luck to everyone else who is still waiting to hear definitive news or who still choosing between programs!
  2. Thank you and thank you! I was slowly but surely losing hope.
  3. I also have been waitlisted at UVA. I'm excited, but having two waitlists with no acceptances is definitely not an ideal situation. Oh well, hopefully it will all eventually work out. Is anybody else on the waitlist at UVA or OSU a 19th century Americanist? I work with most pre-1865 texts, and I was just curious.
  4. This is great to hear! Thank you so much for the information and congratulations on your acceptance!
  5. This is nice to hear. I have also heard nothing from UVA, and I was not %100 sure how to interpret my lack of news. Has anyone heard anything from UNC-Chapel Hill? I saw two acceptances and a waitlist on the board, but that seems to be a small amount of notifications for a relatively big program. Does anyone have any insights?
  6. Does anyone want to claim the single UNC-Chapel Hill rejection on the board? They usually don't notify until a good bit later so I am curious. Is there anyway that it was a Greensboro rejection that was just accidentally entered incorrectly? I know they notified yesterday.
  7. OSU's website says that they split up applications by subfield so there is a chance that subfield specific review panels are not finished yet. My Application Portal for OSU still says "Pending," but I would hope that if your Portal says "Accepted" they won't take that away, they probably just can't make it official yet.
  8. Whose still working on applications? I have one left to go for Syracuse which requires a teaching statement that I have been agonizing over. I hope everyone is doing well in their post-application/pre-waiting malaise, or is finishing their last couple of applications strong!
  9. Huh, mine are still not showing up. You are probably right, it must be a by individual thing, and I assume Wisconsin probably got a ton of applicants so it will probably take a while for them to match all the GRE scores to each applicant.
  10. Yes, mine are still marked as missing as well on the portal if that is of any comfort. I also submitted mine well over a month ago. If we are both experiencing this hopefully that is a sign that the adcomm pairs GRE scores with the applications when they are about to begin the application review? It makes sense from an administrative perspective to sort the one item not submitted through the primary application portal once the application reviews begin, but, unfortunately, from an anxious applicant perspective this is a bit unfortunate.
  11. I feel like all of my fanciest, for sure won't get into but might as well shoot my shot programs' application deadlines are on the 15th. Is anyone else having this experience?
  12. Sick. Thank you. I think you are right. I just got very anxious about my Professors getting autogenerated emails that were like "Your Professor Dogfish Head is requesting a letter of reference from you," which they probably would have found funny so I don't know why I got so stressed. Thank you again!
  13. This may (most likely is) an insane question. While filling out Letter Writer requests I have to put in "Relationship" for my UNC application, but it does not say whether the relationship I am specifying is my relationship to them (their student) or their relationship to me (my professor). It is just the word "Relationship" and nothing else. Thoughts? It is a required field, unfortunately.
  14. I do not know much about the program, but I have met grad students in the English department who were happy with the program. Also, Albuquerque is honestly a great city. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
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