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  1. @merry night wanderer Agreed, one day at a time! Sorry, I tend to catastrophize and worry about everything. I know it’s too early to call it, but I can’t help thinking about the worst case scenario. I’m also really excited about being in the classroom! Partly because I don’t do well with online learning, partly because it’s really important to me to create bonds with peers and it just won’t be likely if we’re still under lockdown this fall. We can only hope that the measures we’re taking will be effective enough to keep things under control. I would feel much better about intermittent per
  2. So now that I don't have to worry about waiting for news/making choices, my brain has moved on to its next fixation: possibly starting school in quarantine. I know it's too soon to know whether it'll happen and it's useless to worry, but it's tough! Anyone else dealing with this?
  3. I’ve accepted my offer at UW and declined mine at BU. Hope this helps someone who wants BU more than I do!
  4. Never mind! Happy to say that I've finally made my choice and I'll be attending UW this fall
  5. As someone struggling with very similar factors in their own decision, I don't think it would be dumb to turn down more funding based on the perks you mentioned. I have to agree with @merry night wanderer in that location is very important; it can shape much of your living experience outside your work and it's where you'll be for a good long while! I do want to say though that you must be sure that you can still survive on the funding offered by Program B. If you can, then it seems like it would be worth it. What is it about Program B's location that you wouldn't like, if you don't mind m
  6. @meghan_sparkle Thank you so much for your thoughts. I really do appreciate it and I'll be thinking about your very good questions (probably obsessively)!
  7. Hello! I won't be attending UCR this fall but I got my BA there last year. Since I lived there for 4 years, I may be able to help answer questions about housing! Feel free to contact me
  8. I've been vacillating between my two choices over and over and over again. They're both excellent programs with vibrant, collaborative communities and I know I can't make a "wrong" decision but I keep getting stuck on some things. I think the fact is that I don't want to move cross-country, but I feel like I should for the sake of a (possibly) less stressful teaching experience and a bit more funding. So I feel like I shouldn't say no to that, but I can't push myself to pick that place because I'd have give up some personal comforts that I think would be important to have. (Including the part
  9. I feel your pain 😕 I think pro/con charts are definitely the way to go! I personally have a spreadsheet that desperately needs filling out. Best of luck to you (and everyone else) during this stressful time!
  10. I can't sleep thinking about my choices! I'd like to be on the same coast as my family, but I have to sacrifice some things I want to do that. If I went the other way, I'd get those things but I'd have to give up being closer to family and also my relationship. Shit's tough
  11. It's been obvious to everyone I've spoken to that I know what I want to do/where I want to go. But there's something about the finality of committing to a program and closing the door on another that is very scary for some reason. "What if" is a very annoying question that my brain obsesses over.
  12. I was JUST about to reply before your edit but I still want to share something that has helped me. For anyone else who is worrying about this: It is incredibly daunting to choose a place to live for the next 5+ years blindly. I have to remind myself it's normal to be upset and disappointed by that, even though I am very privileged to worry about that and not about a roof over my head or about going to work and getting sick. I think it's good to think of all your choices as great choices! There's no such thing as the "right" or "wrong" choice and I think there are undesirable aspects about ever
  13. Okay, that's what I thought! I should have mentioned that I realize things vary from program to program. Every department is like its own little country with its own laws and culture lol! I was just questioning myself. Thank you!
  14. Ahh just got an email from UW's lovely DGS reminding me about the upcoming deadline like I don't wake up every morning with "April 15th" tattooed on my eyelids. I haven't forgotten about you, UW! I honestly feel like Bella from Twilight. (Yes, I watched Twilight recently and it was hilarious. Excellent quarantine entertainment.)
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