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  1. as a current third year, choose the school where your stipend is union protected (i really cannot emphasize this enough, uw's union has steadily fought for increased pay, we have no copay for mental health, and a strong contract enforcement protocol to protect against infractions), where grad students are nicer and seem organized, where faculty seems like you can really talk to them (this you may or may not have a feel for) and the city where you will feel excited to live for 5-8 years! the job market is such that no school can promise placement, so you should choose the place you *feel* is a
  2. OOf struggling, I spoke to the DGS at UW and they said 4/5 original acceptances have confirmed they will be attending so its down to 1 person 😕 cue email checking!
  3. I only applied to UW because I’m already getting my PhD there so no no fallbacks just anxiety hahaha
  4. ooh nice, fingers crossed! are you also waitlisted there?
  5. hi! i am on the waitlist and when i asked the director of cw they said that they were expecting movement soon, so i am holding out hope (perhaps foolishly)
  6. @tinymica I am also a 3rd year at the UW & happy to chat if you'd like (:
  7. I accepted my offer at the University of Washington after a near shut-out this season I could not be more stoked to go to a top choice PhD program!
  8. hey, I was one of the acceptances. I got into the MA/PhD program, I'm applying straight out of a BA but my portal now says that I am accepted for the PhD program. I didn't hear anything about them having given out all their acceptances, fingers crossed for both of you!
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