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  1. They are the worst. Future applicants be warned: just go for other unis, it's not even worth the trouble. Sarrih.
  2. Sorry didn't mean to pry. I get tingly talking about cam faculty. I love everyone there!! Many congrats! PM if you want.
  3. Truly wish you get it. Your passion is dancing on my screen right now!!
  4. When I woke up, I saw two posts on the results for BU. PEOPLE are really not happy with them...
  5. I am sorry to hear that. Perhaps revisiting your original reasons why you applied to each may help. (sad tip on what I would do If I had offers to contemplate).
  6. Many thanks for this. I try not to, because they were the odd uni out as I said. I know that people complain about cambr admin sometimes, but coming from cambr I was not prepared for this level of inadequacy.
  7. It's very hard not to lose respect for them at the moment. I don't mind the waiting - we have all become experts in that by now - but I do mind the BS. The admissions board is 100% not still reviewing applications. If they are, then it is even greater BS that they have made offers before seeing all apps?!?! Ok, BU. Take a sit.
  8. BU has been somewhat awful to communicate throughout in my case. I reached out to the DGS pre application 2-3 times and they made me feel as though I was asking really stupid questions, when in reality I sent my initial queries to all relevant unis and was getting lovely responses from them.
  9. Many many thanks for reaching out to them. I didn't have the guts to do it. Unfortunately this seems awfully similar to what we were hearing from Chicago, even as they were interviewing people. The 'they won't let you know even though they know until they know' tactic is tasteless, imo, but it's a choice they are making.
  10. I think all the rejectees are. But they may be having bigger fish to fry atm.
  11. Basic question, from someone unfamiliar with American academia lingo: does cohort mean in the phd program of a year overall, or literary period etc.?
  12. That's not a lot of places. Do you think they have the same number of applicants as Chicago?
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