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  1. omg so many congrats!!! I am a UK person, but can you be more specific? Which uk are we talking about here?
  2. Honestly, I submitted 2 hours before the deadline. I think this way, too, a lot, all the time
  3. As a sidenote, can I please please please ask anyone accepting the UT-Austin offer to get in touch (if they want to). I would love to make a start on being social with the cohort, even as/if we are passing some of the most anti-social times ever. I know we are attaching names to faces during the recruitment event, but why not earlier?
  4. I've been hearing very different things on this, tbh, and I don't think it's a good indication of how things will progress. Some people (like me, had 'admission committee' from pretty much day 1), other saw a change later, and others no movement at all. It's odd.
  5. Guys!!! I am in at UT-Austin!!!I cannot CANNOT CANNOT believe
  6. Thank you friend! When you refer to a response to the waitlist email, do you mean one and only response? Because i did write back to thank the dgs and tell him to reach out if they need anything from me or to clarify anything. But the acceptance came only this week. So based on what you both have said, i think i will write back tomorrow reiterating and adding the pub information. That is, if they don't reject me before i have to do so lol
  7. Waitlisters, would you inform the insititution/dgs for a recent acceptance with minor revisions (mine is not refereed, but I would say very respected and known, like a graduate refereed journal). The piece itself is a research article, so not journalistic.
  8. Hi waitlisters and stress warriors! I am currently waitlisted at WUSTL--I would really appreciate if the offer holders also have other offers lol If there are any tactics to increase the waitlister's odds, let's talk about them
  9. I am sure UT Austin is releasing decisions today. How do i know?!?!? I was searching for a wifi psw, and saw this......any else sees the UTa in the middle....
  10. Poll: do you think today will be UT Austin's day? (sidenote: I think I have no shot, even though it is clearly the most fitting program I've applied to, but I am still so nervous.Oh hope wherefore art thou so mean)
  11. Guys, will it be rude and insensitive to send a Texas POI a question about app status?
  12. My program is such a dream for me that I am even relectant to name it here, just out of fear of jinxing it. It's a terrible position to be in, because you feel entirely powerless and up to not your hands....Ooof
  13. Also interested in answers for this! (Can I ask what are you waitlisted for?)
  14. Oh my, do you mean post-application? that's so negligent...having everyone spend so much time, mobilizing so many people to get everything rdy...
  15. Hi all. Are there any offer-holders from WUSTL here? (Congrats btw!) Anyone would like to share if they are considering giving up the offer for something else?
  16. Hi all! I have been checking this forum for a bit, cheering with all your successes and showing solidarity behind the screen when things don't go as well. Quick question for those who have brought WUSTL into the conversation...I have not received anything so far but I have talked with the admin. I know that I did not receive an offer (lol) and was not in those who received the waitlist couple of days ago, but the admin told me that my application was ranked high. So, are they just keeping it to see how many with give up their offers or did they just forgot to reject? any thoughts would be appr
  17. They are the worst. Future applicants be warned: just go for other unis, it's not even worth the trouble. Sarrih.
  18. Sorry didn't mean to pry. I get tingly talking about cam faculty. I love everyone there!! Many congrats! PM if you want.
  19. Truly wish you get it. Your passion is dancing on my screen right now!!
  20. When I woke up, I saw two posts on the results for BU. PEOPLE are really not happy with them...
  21. I am sorry to hear that. Perhaps revisiting your original reasons why you applied to each may help. (sad tip on what I would do If I had offers to contemplate).
  22. Many thanks for this. I try not to, because they were the odd uni out as I said. I know that people complain about cambr admin sometimes, but coming from cambr I was not prepared for this level of inadequacy.
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