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  1. From what I've been told by the DGS, Rutgers waitlist is seat-dependent rather than ranking-based -- you can get off the waitlist when the person who got accepted close to your area of specialization turns down their offer, e.g. someone who specializes in pre-modern in my case. 😖
  2. This really reminds me of the David Attenborough documentary clip on hermit crabs trading shells. I found it has an unsettling resonance to our situation so I'm sharing it here 🤣🤣🤣
  3. I'm anxious about it too. The DGS indicated there has been no medieval acceptance because of reduced cohort size this year, which makes me wonder in vain how it might have been for all of us if it weren't for the COVID 🤣 Fingers crossed!
  4. Hi! I'm waitlisted by CUNY and Rutgers English program, area of concentration medieval lit. I plan to turn down CUNY's offer (if extended) for OSU. Anyone waiting to get off the Rutgers waitlist?
  5. I'm seeing results from Northwestern and getting super anxious. I've read from the last year's posts that some of those who got accepted got phone calls on the weekend and the rest on the following Monday, and now I'm hopelessly wondering if I might be the case or I'm just rejected 😖😖😖
  6. Hey, congratulations!! 🎉 If I may ask, are you the person who posted the results?
  7. I saw someone posted an acceptance, but I haven't heard from them yet.
  8. I'm waiting to hear from UW Madison too! Based on previous years' results, I suppose UW will likely send out results early this week and Northwestern the following week? Best of luck to both of us!
  9. Anyone waiting for Northwestern's results? I thought I was coping with the waiting better than I expected and now the suspense has started to make me really nervous 😵
  10. Thank you! I checked the portal after seeing the results page, so I guess the person who first posted their acceptance isn't on this forum. I haven't received any emails yet though!
  11. Thank you! I hope you'll soon get the good news as well!
  12. I checked on the portal found I got accepted to OSU! I wasn't expecting much because I had been making changes to my SOP and writing sample until the last minute, so it's a pleasant surprise
  13. I finished up my submission on New Year's Day and I think I've dreamt about the admission four times already. I don't know what to do with my time until February! Mainly watching Netflix, playing video games (Fallen London, anyone? I've always thought it's a great game for English majors), cooking, and the occasional Duolingo a day. By the way, I was daunted by Brandeis English Program's last-minute cancellation of this year's admission process. Has anyone considered asking ETS for a refund for the score reports sent for those cancelled applications? I'm an international so I've sent both
  14. Hi! I'm not sure which school you're applying to, but I'd had the same issue with my Northwestern Applyweb application and sent an email to the graduate coordinator; he told me my application was indeed complete and there was nothing to worry about. Hope this helps!
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