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  1. No, it wouldn't look bad if you only had one letter from the three research mentors you worked with imo. If all three of your projects are relevant to your application and future interests, then yes, talk about them. And no, don't omit a relevant project from your resume. For the last question though, I don't quite know the answer. It's better to always go with academic supervisors unless you've been out of school for a long time.
  2. I disagree with the above post's first point. I think this simply shows they have the resources for it but competition will be high. Also, everyone keeps talking about how everyone will hold off applying until next cycle because of the small cohorts/cancellations of admissions, but honestly, if it was me, I'd apply anyway. All these are assumptions and we don't quite know what will happen, so do your best and apply anyway.
  3. Hey guys, I just had a question on the yellow fever vaccination for those of you who are required to have it. If you had one about ten years ago(doesn't it expire after ten years?), is it necessary to get a booster shot to enter the US? Please let me know if you know
  4. I had a similar situation. I come from a Political Science and Economics BA background but I'm about to begin the doctoral journey in Comparative Literature and an Area Studies dual title phd. I think the fact the I came from another background was one of my strong points. In my SoP I highlighted my interests in comp. lit. and then related it to some areas within topics in my BA such as post-colonialism, informal markets etc. I said how learning these topics actually gave me a firm foundation to go off on in my specific interests in comp. lit. I also did an MA in an Area studies (don't want t
  5. I'm starting online this semester and I'm hoping things get better by the Spring. I'm just afraid of flying and catching the virus en route or something. Also, the embassy here isn't issuing F1 visas yet so I'm stuck here. Good luck to everyone starting in person, please keep this thread updated with any significant changes that might help the rest of us.
  6. I just want to know where y'all are getting the courage to travel to the US in this pandemic in time for fall semester. I need some of that courage for Spring semester.
  7. Anyone who was planning on starting remotely and has spoken to their school about what the new immigration guidelines mean for them?
  8. Yeah, things are so disheartening. I was excited to at least start remotely since I'm not happy about having to defer, but now I'm just learning about other fees I might have to pay in order to start learning remotely and deferring to Spring '21 looks like my best option. Converting those unmentioned fees to my country's currency (not South Korea though) is a lot of money, can't afford it. Certainly not in these times. I have a time difference of 8 hours which isn't as bad as yours. This sucks! 😭
  9. What is this for? So your tuition is waived but you have to pay the $25 per credit? As an international student who won't be getting a stipend, I can't afford to pay for anything like this. Might just defer, seems easier. This sucks.
  10. This is rather late, but I'm thinking of starting remotely since things are still bad and international travel is risky imo. However, my school won't be paying the stipends which makes things hard for me so I might reconsider and defer to Spring '21.
  11. This seems harsh. Like a punishment. I'm so sorry, this is putting a lot of pressure on international students (and domestic as well) to risk their lives just to make it to campus. For those with the remote learning option, does anyone know if there are any fees associated with online learning. I know tuition is waived and stipends can't be paid due to the law. Is there any other fee? Kindly let me know if you have an idea, thanks.
  12. Hello, been following silently for a while and perhaps should weigh in. My school has given me the option of starting remotely or deferring to spring '21. The US embassy in the country I'm in is closed and I don't think I'll make it to the US by Aug. Also, the COVID-19 cases here are rising and things are getting worse, not to mention how bad it is in the US. I've chosen to start remotely because I don't want to travel and risk it and I think if anything goes wrong i.e Trump wins again and tightens the rules in regards to non-immigrant visas, I'll already be a registered student and perhaps th
  13. Yup, that plus I'm constantly anxious that I'll wake up one day and get an email revoking my admission due to budget cuts. The department chair had assured me a few weeks ago that they wouldn't do that to anybody yet I'm still so worried. I don't want to defer, I'm nearly in my 30s so the thought of waiting another year for me is depressing. Damn it, and I thought waiting for an admissions decision was the hard part 😔
  14. From what I've seen this year, acceptances are still rolling out even past 15th. Waitlists are tricky this year since many schools are just not taking anyone off the waitlist, perhaps due to funding because of the pandemic. Some people get off waitlists, but again, you just can't tell if you'll get off one or get rejected. It's a crapshoot.
  15. Where is it that you really want to go? If you weigh the schools well, without panicking and being anxious, where is the best place for you? Reflect on that and then make your decision again. Don't be afraid to let down school 1 if you know you'd be better off at school B. It is better to rescind the offer now while you still have a shot at the other school than to live in regret.
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