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  1. Does AdCom check file properties / author properties / metadata of word / PDF files for LORs submitted? My question is that even though my recommender edited the file, I did provide an outline / highlighted information about me, which I believe the recommender edited directly in the same word file I started. The author in file property of said file is showing my name, even though I didn't write the full letter. Will this be a problem? Are there remedies for the ones the recommender already uploaded (which is uploaded using an edu email...) Any insight is much appreciated!
  2. I worked on three research projects over my undergrad, and two of them are with professors and one of them is assisting a phd student (so getting a letter here is almost impossible). Only one out of two of my research mentors is available and willing to write me a letter. The other mentor maybe I asked too late maybe he didn't like my work. Would if look bad if I write about three research projects in my SOP and only have one letter from research mentors? (FYI, the other two letters I am asking my professors who I took classes with.) What is the best strategy here, not heavily mention the othe
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