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  1. Are you all waiting for the US embassy to open again for visa appointment? I'm anxious that I won't be able to get visa on time for the start of the semester. I saw an online comment saying that I should probably consider deferring, but I've already taken a gap year that I just can't wast more time. Has anyone deferred their plan to start the semester this fall? Also, Do you know of any school delayed their start date?
  2. Does anyone know if the CalArts hub (the service portal to access financial information) is for those who are accepted only or for all applicants? I'm still waiting to hear back from them with decision, meanwhile received the invitation to login to the hub.
  3. Thank you for your reply @Umenohana! I just know of the current student so it's hard for me to ask, but he had asked via email to the same director. He's a citizen and I'm an international student... not sure if that makes any difference? The finance office told me that they don't give "assistance" to the international students but the fellowship is given by the program department, which I already received a little and is what I'm trying to negotiate on. I directly asked for "increase in the fellowship" so I don't know how the director might have misunderstood it? Also, I meant the department
  4. Hi, I know it's an older thread but I'd really appreciate anyone's input: I tried to negotiate the fellowship from my top choice with the offer I received from another school. The program director told me that he doesn't have the control over finances and referred me to the finance office, but when I did, the finance office told me program department is responsible for the fellowship. I'm honestly a bit upset and lost on how I should follow up. Do you think I should ask the program director again and let him know what I was told by the finance office?
  5. The finance office got back saying that the fellowship is given directly by the program department. And I'm even more confused why the director had said that he has no control over the fellowship in the first place. Can anyone share their thoughts on this? also if I should negotiate with the director again?
  6. I tried to negotiate the fellowship with the program director but was told that he's not in control of the finances and that I should contact finance office directly. It's a bit hard to believe that he doesn't have control over finances because I know a current student who had asked for funding to the director last year and the director contacted the finance office on behalf of the student to get more $$. (Maybe it's right to say that the director has no "control" over the finance, but I'm sure he can have an impact.) I'm going to contact the finance office but do you think this is a way of sa
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