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  1. My friend is getting his MFA at OSU for printmaking. He said that Sergio is the only professor in that department and barely interviewed him for the program. So hopefully it'll be easy for you too!
  2. interview with OSU on Wednesday!
  3. I understand that - but it sounds like you know of some names of schools that have this healthy stipend. All of the schools I'm looking at are fully funded, but I would ideally like stipends that are something over 15,000 - 20,000+ a year. Plus I'm looking for more interdisciplinary photo programs.
  4. What programs might you suggest?
  5. So I've been lurking on here for a few weeks, and I noticed there isn't a new freak out forum! I primarily make work in photography. I received my BA in film production in 2018, and now I'm looking for a Photography MFA. I'm doing my best to find full funding as I don't have parents/money/etc. Here are my top schools I would like to apply/attend: University of South Florida The University of Texas at Austin Georgia State University University of Georgia (Other choices: Iowa, U of M, UNC Chapel Hill, OSU) If anyone knows anything about those four tops school, I would be grateful to know more! ~*FREAK OUT*~
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