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  1. Just my two cents. MFA from home is kind of great. Way more time to focus on making work, and Zoom meetings for classes and advisor meetings go surprisingly well. The only downside is critique class kind of sucks. Oh, and the work you make is obviously limited to what you have access to outside of school, but this is forcing me way outside of my comfort zone, in a great way. So if it were me, I would start this year if you can, unless maybe if you have something better to do?
  2. Well, there is a pandemic happening right now...
  3. @OliveTree1018 I would post in the writing forum. This is for MFA visual arts.
  4. SpillToBuilt

    Time off?

    Don’t worry about grad school for now. Figure out how to make work without the structure of college. It will help your portfolio and chances for MFA acceptances. A lot of schools don’t want people right out of undergrad, ya know? Take the time off from school. Then later in the year decide if you are ready for grad school or not. And definitely trim that website down. Way too much going on. Only show your best, cohesive projects. This is probably going to be your most recent work, since you are still in undergrad. But get rid of anything that just feels like a miscellaneous collection of works in a certain medium or 101-type stuff (it looks like you even have high school work there?). Your CV looks good—keep building it up. But more importantly, keep making lots of work after undergrad. If funding is important, only apply to well-funded schools. Maybe do a few schools where funding is more competitive if you like the schools, but there are so many fully funded programs as-is. If you want, link your three best projects from your website and corresponding statements if you have them. That would be a lot more helpful in regards to advising you.
  5. Location and name aren’t everything. What about faculty? Alumnus? Have you visited the campuses? Funding?
  6. At the graduate level, the FAFSA is for unsubsidized loan eligibility, and some schools may also use the FAFSA info in determining your aid package. Either way, you should fill it out.
  7. No studio access at my school indefinitely, but it is possible that we will be allowed back mid-semester. I won’t hold my breath though. No talk of compensation, nor had that thought even crossed my mind—it is not like the colleges are at fault. Demands? I am instead thrilled to have extra time off. Sure, I hope I can get back into the studio soon, but there are other things I can be doing too. We are artists—we are supposed to be resourceful, ya know? But I take it UPenn is not fully funded with stipend, so your perspective would be different from mine. Still, it is just an all around difficult time for everyone. Everyone everywhere is taking a big hit in some way, NY mayor says we are headed to second great depression, and even Prez T seems concerned. My plans—enjoy the extended break and do lots of reading. Also, work around the house and yard. I can’t make my work completely without the studios, so there is not much else I can do. Maybe I will switch to a medium that I can do at home. We will get through this!
  8. You should check Hunter’s homepage. Or, to save you a trip, the campus is closed today except for essential personnel. Must explain the no-show. Sucks that they didn’t let you know. Maybe it was last minute? Still not cool.
  9. Probably harder to get into “top tier” as more people want to get in.
  10. Free tuition, a stipend, and teaching experience is a great way to go. The only reason I might consider otherwise is if there are faculty members that I really wanted to work with. I feel like I lucked out though and ended up with excellent advisors, but that is not always the case. Not to mention successful advisors may need to go on sabbatical/leave to work on shows, leaving you with someone else who may not be as helpful.
  11. SpillToBuilt

    UPenn MFA

    @eggplant — It’s not over until it’s over.
  12. They want you to visit in person and speak with faculty—that should be a very good sign. If the interviews were formal, they probably would have said interview. I would guess these are meant to be slightly more casual conversations.
  13. I remember that person was photo.
  14. Many schools abide by the April 15th deadline for acceptance if I remember correctly. You should be notified of any tuition and/or stipend benefits, and what any stipend would be in exchange for. I am open for negotiation as long as you are doing it tactfully; it also helps if you actually have something to leverage, such as a better offer elsewhere.
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