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  1. You should look at current grad faculty and current/past students. Also peruse their website.
  2. Everyone here should totally heed that advice in bold. So important!
  3. Have you been making lots of work? Does your practice have a conceptual background? Do you know where you sit within your medium(s) history and the current discussions going on in the art world? That’s probably a lot more important than recently showing it in galleries, plus your other experiences should help.
  4. Notable is subjective, so I won’t speak to that. Tons of funded programs are out there; just google something like funded mfa art programs—a few lists will come up. One program I know that is funded and likely a solid option is Rutgers New Brunswick in NJ, due to its proximity to NYC. My suggestion is to find a funded program that has faculty you really want to work with—of course, the program should also fit other personal criteria needs such as location.
  5. My two cents: if the exhibition does not have a title, then it is probably not an exhibition. From what you said, I would not call that an exhibition, though it would certainly fit in your bio or statement of purpose though.
  6. I would google “funded MFA art programs” and look for schools that are in a suitable climate. There are at least a few different lists of funded programs that should pop up. edit: Also, what you talk about in the “This forum has been so helpful” paragraph is really interesting. You could definitely build upon those ideas for your portfolio to submit for applications. I would also say you definitely want to submit a body of work separate from your commercial work.
  7. Going into my second year here. Full speed ahead—not much else one can do in these times. At least the studios are quiet.
  8. @moon_whale The MFA is really helpful if you want to better conceptualize your artistic practice/teach art. Otherwise it is not very useful. I am curious why you are now “anti-MFA?”
  9. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you—things have been crazy. I feel like this is all an excellent start. You definitely have the thought process down, just need to keep refining it and let the work grow. I think some time off of school will be great for your practice. Maybe consider writing about why you continually come back to masculinity as an issue for your work. I feel like your writing could be more personal and less generalized too. For example, you use yourself as the subject in some of these projects but you could use anyone, so why you? Also, I saw on the main thread that
  10. Just my two cents. MFA from home is kind of great. Way more time to focus on making work, and Zoom meetings for classes and advisor meetings go surprisingly well. The only downside is critique class kind of sucks. Oh, and the work you make is obviously limited to what you have access to outside of school, but this is forcing me way outside of my comfort zone, in a great way. So if it were me, I would start this year if you can, unless maybe if you have something better to do?
  11. Well, there is a pandemic happening right now...
  12. @OliveTree1018 I would post in the writing forum. This is for MFA visual arts.
  13. Don’t worry about grad school for now. Figure out how to make work without the structure of college. It will help your portfolio and chances for MFA acceptances. A lot of schools don’t want people right out of undergrad, ya know? Take the time off from school. Then later in the year decide if you are ready for grad school or not. And definitely trim that website down. Way too much going on. Only show your best, cohesive projects. This is probably going to be your most recent work, since you are still in undergrad. But get rid of anything that just feels like a miscellaneous collection of works
  14. Location and name aren’t everything. What about faculty? Alumnus? Have you visited the campuses? Funding?
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