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  1. Does anyone have any insight on being waitlisted (specifically at RISD, but also in general)? I'm wondering if there's anything I should do in the meantime to increase my chances of being admitted. I'm also curious (and some of these may be entirely unanswerable): -If a spot opens up, is there still a chance for any funding? -How many people do they tend to waitlist in a department like Printmaking? -Is there a priority ranking I could potentially inquire about? I'm not prepared to direct these questions to RISD, at this time, as I want to tread carefully! So any info
  2. I was just notified today via email that there was an update to my RISD grad application portal and it directed me to a letter that I've been waitlisted for Printmaking. Hope this info is helpful! Note: I was not interviewed
  3. I'm in the same boat. Just want to know either way. My only other guess is waitlist? Would we be formally notified of that, I wonder?
  4. Congratulations!! Did they interview you? And did you receive notification via email? I'm still waiting to hear, so I'm guessing it's not so good news for me, this time around 😩
  5. Still waiting to hear from RISD Printmaking
  6. You're def not alone! I am in the same boat. Rejected from my "safety" school and no word from RISD, yet. I'm going for printmaking but my style is very traditional as opposed to conceptual/experimental and I don't think programs are looking for that anymore 😕. Keep your head up! I've learned a lot through this process and have come to understand that a lot of schools seem to gravitate toward candidates with experience outside of academia. We still have time!
  7. Caved and reached out to RISD admissions regarding their decision timeline and this was the response. So if you're in the same boat and haven't heard anything, I guess this is the worst case. For reference, I applied to their Printmaking MFA.
  8. Did anyone else apply to RISD printmaking? I know RISD tends to move a bit slower overall, but seeing their other departments move forward with interviews/acceptances makes me nervous! I was rejected from SUNY New Paltz: Painting/Drawing which was sort of my "safety school", so now I'm in a full panic and questioning everything, haha! Truly wish I had found these forums before the application process!
  9. Does anyone know if RISD's MFA Printmaking dept does interviews? Anyone else apply to their program?
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