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  1. Yeah exactly. There’s nothing worse than false hope. Think I’ll just do myself a favor and expect to be rejected from everywhere and be pleasantly surprised if not haha
  2. still havent heard anything from Tulane, you think they send rejections all at once or in waves? and havent gotten official rejection from michigan yet either and nothing from UO and im locked out of the portal because i forgot my password and tried too many times HA
  3. I emailed whatever emails I had from the schools before who I assume to be whoever is in charge of graduate communications. I haven’t heard from U Oregon or Tulane at all from the emails I sent. Though I’m accepting that this year may not be happening.
  4. Haha I’m not sure I did that successfully but here’s my email verbatim: “””My name is Abigail Taylor. I am emailing to inquire the status of my MFA graduate application. I have not heard anything from the school since January 25 and would love if you could let me know where the faculty stands and the process is? Thank you for your time and have a great day. Sincerely,Taylor”””””
  5. If anyone is waiting to hear from uMich I reached out the other day and got this messsage today. A bummer but unfortunately expected because I didn’t have an interview.
  6. Has anyone here been asked to interview with U Michigan? I havent heard anything from them and i just re read an email that stated that interview invites would be out mid Feb and rejections would be out late Feb early March. Really wanting to know if theyre behind because of the weather of whatever or if I should be expecting a rejection.
  7. Thats an amazing way to think of it, thanks for the insights 🙏i really hope we both get good news!
  8. thank you so much! im seriously right there with you. I honestly am trying not to be resentful and bitter but, my life is being put on complete hold because of this and that absolutely infuriates me 😡 but im just trying to stay positive. Thankfully my fiance is So supportive, definitely couldnt do it without her. Im glad you have support on your end too! 🌈
  9. @Rin_go same here just nothing, except one rejection so far. @Pallavi.Daga thank you 🙈 it’s frustrating because she has to wait too for anything so neither of us know what the hell is going on. I just want to know so I can move on accordingly! I guess the one thing that I’m hopeful about is none of the schools I applied to are heavily mentioned on this forum. One person mentioned U Mich a while back and I know @MjamesPDX is waiting on U of O with me but other than that nothing! So guess that makes me feel a bit better 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. Is anyone else in the same boat of radio silence? Feeling like I should start thinking of backup plans and looking for schools my fiancé ( I recently proposed 🙈) could attend instead of waiting to see where I might end up? Ugh, the waiting sucks because she’s been such a sport about everything but she really wants to keep studying and I don’t want to hinder her. She’s moving to the states with me regardless it’s just frustrating for everything to be up in the air. 🙄
  11. OH CHRIST THIS IS A RELIEF also sorry you had to take one for the team but super glad you did dude, cheers to youuuuuu
  12. Thank you I’ve calmed down a little. I know he has the letter as he has submitted it to all of my other schools. I just wonder if maybe it got buried in his inbox or spam folder. He typically gets back to me in a timely manner so hopefully I’ll hear from him today. I really hope they still consider me when it gets submitted (if) 😓 I’m just trying to send positive vibes and hopefully manifest that shit hah
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