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  1. CU Boulder's loss. So...you are off to UMass-Dartmouth, congrats again! I am wishing all the luck in the world for you, don't let them change your essence, though. Let it grow grow grow πŸ€— I am signing off now, sending good vibes to all. 🌞
  2. Congratulations! Top program, and sunny weather, perfect combo. Enjoy!
  3. Sorry to hear about the rejections, cannot believe how U. of Colorado is taking so long to answer! Your 11.5K stipend and full scholarsh ip at UMass-Amherst is one of the best funding packages I have heard of! Congrats that is quite an achievement!!
  4. Wow, glad I asked! Thanks for your answer!
  5. Apologies for the question but how do you defer an offer? My letters of acceptance give two options "Yes, I accept" "No, I do not accept." Who do you talk to? or should I get a written agreement? And how to ask about deferring until Spring? Will I lose scholarships/TA deferring an offer? Also, please if anyone goes to Herron (IUPUI) talk to me, I really need advice before I let go.
  6. Got accepted to Herron School of Art (IUPUI) today (full funding + scholarship). Don't know what to do now, I had it all figured out before.
  7. That's fantastic news, congrats! So happy for you!!
  8. Did you hear from RISD? Any final decisions?
  9. sent you a message. any word from Louisiana or Ohio?
  10. Loved this, till I got to where it talks about not being able to accept the "guy who actually got in during a previous cycle but postponed". I did not know that that was a possibility for applicants who chose "deferred entrance."
  11. artperson, did you hear from Colorado or Maryland?
  12. Yes, yes, and yes. Lots of programs offer this kind of stipends (some only offer a thousand per semester). Have you seen comments on the Results board? Lots of people commenting on how fully funded places are not fully funded anymore. The comments were about how most programs make no mention of these changes on their websites. Students find out when receiving their financial package and discover that they were given only 55%-75% coverage or less. For instance, some do not offer first year funding and then students must compete for aid for their second/third years. It is alarming how much fund
  13. This is such helpful information, Jess. I also wondered about that with Tyler, they seem to be undergoing a lot of changes, and funding is not the best. I did not apply, but I think your info will be helpful for current and future applicants.
  14. Hey, DitDot, funny that you were posting at the same time I was sending you a PM πŸ™ƒ ☺️ Yeah, I will be deciding as soon as I hear from one last program.
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