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  1. Hey, so I have a sibling that's a professor, and she told me that when there's a drastic change in economy etc., people lose their jobs and decide that it's a good time to go back to school/have a career change thus a huge influx of applications. I was also warned of this last year by one of my profs when I turned down a few acceptances I couldn't afford, so I honestly think that might be the reason. I'm sorry to hear that you're having a hard time, and I hope things look up for you soon!!
  2. Was accepted into UPenn this morning which was a big surprise since decision letters are going out the 11th! I guess that's when we hear about financial aid and get more info...
  3. Hey, so I talked with VCU fiber/craft & material studies in November, and I asked about funding and it sounded like first year was funded with assistantships, and then second there was a chance it might not be. I also talked to a current VCU student from another department earlier in the year and they were able to get second year funding, but it wasn't guaranteed. They recommended changing your residence to Virginia as soon as you get there to qualify for in-state tuition the next year if you didn't get more funding.
  4. My thought would be the funded programs - if you’re so in debt after getting your MFA that you can’t afford to make art and you’re too busy working to survive, then it kinda cancels out why you went in the first place. My other thought is what are you planning to do after? If it’s teaching, SAIC doesn’t have that many TAships so you won’t get as much experience. It is your dream school so that’s a tough call, but getting an MFA with less debt would be the option I would take.
  5. Best of luck to you as well!!!
  6. Yes, I did interview, it was for fiber! They said they’re accepting 11 students total for the MFA program this year with 1-2 per department depending on funding availability.
  7. I got an email from ASU a few days ago saying they’d be contacting waitlisted & admitted students by mid-March, for anyone hoping for ASU news.
  8. Thank you for this! I wonder when they'll all get together... I'm so curious.
  9. Has anyone heard anything from VCU Craft & Material studies?
  10. Hey, I interviewed with them and haven't heard anything yet either. I'll let you know if I do!
  11. Hey, congrats on your acceptance first of all! I also interviewed with UPenn about two weeks ago, and I got this email from admissions and financial aid that said: Admissions notification letters will be available online after 12:00 PM (noon) Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, March 11th. To view your decision letter, you must log into your ApplyWeb account. I hope that solid date helps! I'm also waiting on Indiana, but different department. Best of luck to you as well!
  12. They did offer me a scholarship, but I would still have graduated with a ton of debt, so I decided it wasn’t feasible for me. Unless they have changed it, only certain departments get one full ride and then the next year it switches to the other departments. It’s definitely worth interviewing to see what you can get, and they may be willing to offer you more with your situation. Best of luck to you, it is a nice program!!
  13. Hey! Yeah, I interviewed with them last Saturday - it was also with about 5 people. I think we’re in the same boat with waiting now. Good luck to you as well!
  14. I was in that situation last year with SAIC and Cranbrook. The advice I usually see is to apply anywhere and then worry about financials later, but uh, now having been in that situation I'm calling bull. It does hurt to turn down two great acceptances, but it was also a learning experience for me and I completely rethought my schools this time around. (Though it is a little humiliating to admit that you can't afford the school, but you don't need to go into detail about it. Just say it's not financially feasible at this time.) Also applying the second time helped me get rid of the timeline I
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