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  1. I’m waiting to hear about funding for VCU Crafts. Monday before last, I was told via email they were surprised the funding pkg wasn’t available. They thought that might mean good news in terms of a larger amount. I don’t have my notes in front of me from my phone conversation with them about 3 weeks ago, but I believe the stipend was around $1000/ mth. I can look at my notes tomorrow. I was told that while tuition was covered the first year, fees were not. And that’s a good bit of money. He made a point to say that. The second year funding, historically, wasn’t guaranteed but
  2. Yikes! All I can think if is that maybe they misheard you because I say THEIR response is “extremely inappropriate”! Personally, I think that’s a great question to ask! I’ve asked that in interviews before. I also like to ask what they would love to change about the program, if anything. I ask that in job interviews too. I find it quite telling if they give me a thoughtful response vs. a more rote response. I’m just so baffled by their reaction! They definitely overreacted. You definitely were not inappropriate. Baffled!!
  3. What department? I heard from Craft & Materials a couple weeks ago. Seems like a lot of ppl are waiting to hear from their Sculpture department.
  4. You’re welcome! I’m curious too. All he said was he’d let me know within a couple of weeks...but who knows...
  5. I had a phone call conversation with them on 2/11. I was told I was either accepted or waitlisted for ceramics. He said each area (ceramics, fiber, etc.) picks who they want & then they all get together & decide as a group who to admit. So he didn’t know in what group I’d be until they went over the candidates together.
  6. Yes, but I did it when I had something constructive to say. I didn’t do it just because that’s what’s expected of an interviewee. I didn’t do it just to say thank you.
  7. I can only speak from experience. Idk about “intimidating”, but I had one that did not go well and I haven’t heard anything from that school. I had 2 that went really well. They were excited about my work, etc. I got offered admission to one a few days later & the other one said I made it to the next round. The one that didn’t go well wasn't intimidating, but I wasn’t giving answers that she wanted to hear & I could tell. I think you’ll know if it goes well vs. not during the interview.
  8. Yes! My first one did not go well. My answers were not what she wanted to hear. My other 2 went really well. I clicked with the last two. That solidified that the first place just wasn’t for me. Also, even though it went poorly, she gave me great feedback and it made me think a lot about what to say next time. It was super beneficial even though it wasn’t “a success”.
  9. Good for you! Finding the best place for you is what’s most important. Interesting to hear about the alumni...hmm
  10. I felt the same way about UMD after my interview! So nice to hear someone else had the same experience. I’ve been accepted into their ceramics program as well. My decision will come down to funding, but I really really enjoyed my interview. Regarding a highly ranked school vs. not...Someone shared some advice they were given & it resonated with me. They were told to pick a school that’s in a place you could see yourself living in for 2-3 years & a professor that you want to work with. I think that bit about the professor is extra important.
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