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  1. well I've got plenty of stellar options, and trying to be very frugal is increasingly difficult. this will be tricky, but decision dates are not far off so I will have to figure it out. will update
  2. @Hphphphp this is awesome! thanks for sharing. wish everywhere had this info avilable.
  3. I would research their faculty and see who I want to study with
  4. I can answer questions about life at MICA/Baltimore, but not the grad program
  5. ITT we discuss offers for funding we get from programs, weigh our decisions, and give helpful advice, leaving a record for future applicants to check out. This hasn't been done since the 2015 thread, and things have likely changed a lot since then. Future people: If the program you are trying to learn about is not mentioned, try out the 2015 thread: https://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/63611-mfa-arts-2015-funding-and-decisions/
  6. I was reviewing this thread, y'all might want to also. maybe we should start one for this year? Interestingly, it was made on the exact same date as today
  7. hmm well that seems possible, I also did not get an interview. however I am determined to promote ~good vibes~ ITT so perhaps it's simply that they're so entranced by the quality of your portfolio that they haven't been able to stop looking at it long enough to send your acceptance letter :^) optimism!
  8. yes, it dropped in around 1030 last night. you are still waiting to hear from them?
  9. Rejected from BU painting last night! disappointment. I also was starting to think i'd go undefeated on my applications but BU ended the streak
  10. HUGE congrats!! amazing that you got such a generous offer, you must be very skilled! of course, this makes me sweaty wondering about when BU Painting will send letters
  11. Got accepted to PAFA! It was nerve wracking for a moment, the email makes you log in to a portal where you can read your decision, and logging in was a harrowing few moments. but then there was animated confetti so it's cool
  12. still silence from them on my end, too. the "freak-out" is getting real haha
  13. is anyone else ITT applying to PAFA? don't think I seen anyone else talk about it
  14. got accepted to TCU! awesome experience. I got a phone call from a faculty member shortly after my interview.
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