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  1. Totally support your cause here but I feel what you are saying doesn’t apply to MFAs all that much. Most MFA programs don’t have stipends anyway and very few have any kind of substantial paid TA positions. The schools that do have that kind of funding are mostly smaller names than Columbia. So the people on here going to get their MFA at Columbia are doing so without expectation of being paid or unionizing. Programs vary so much within schools; it feels to me that an art history PhD candidate’s experience at Columbia actually isn’t all that applicable to an prospective mfa candidate. So I s
  2. Definitely don’t lose hope! I think chances are actually pretty good someone will decline the spot. Especially cause acceptances likely came out a little while ago which means these kids are not jumping on it immediately. 💕💕💕
  3. I seriously recommend this video if struggling with your decision https://www.ted.com/talks/ruth_chang_how_to_make_hard_choices?utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare
  4. Hi, so I am basically in the same situation. My understanding is that RCA, Slade, and Goldsmiths are the top U.K. schools. They may be slightly less known in the US but most academic and gallery people will be impressed and in Europe they are THE Columbia, SAIC, etc. So that’s the prestige aspect. Obviously we all know that’s important but not necessary for success. We also all know that collectively, hundreds of students come out of these programs every goddamn year and very few reach the upper levels of success in the art world. All things to consider. That said, try not to get to
  5. Yes ma’am! What are you thinking lately?
  6. Just turned Tulane painting down so someone should get good news soon! Also planning on turning down SMU which is funding +stipend. Don’t know if anyone was looking at that program but it has some nice things about it. If anyone was waitlisted, you might get good news.
  7. Totally get that impulse. One of the things that I considered for my own decision was that I can’t really “improve” my chances next year. Because every year they are looking for fit and who knows what the applicant pool is like, it’s just like rolling the dice again. You get another chance, but the odds per dice roll aren’t necessarily better. congrats on the acceptances!
  8. I would like to propose that everyone’s opinion on here is very valid and there is no need for hard feelings! Never mind bots or duplicate accounts, I find the main camps on here are mostly arguing wether prestige or funding are more important. Because I have to personally make that decision, after meditating, making pros and cons list, drinking heavily, talking to everyone I know for days about it, and regularly waking in the middle of the night to nervous vomit, I AM HERE TO TELL YOU THAT I DON’T KNOW. ❤️❤️❤️ And I thank you for ALL your opinions and lovely support. Sending my support right
  9. Oh I’ve completed my fasfa. I just don’t know how to get my loan amount from the school. They haven’t told me. Do I need to accept the offer for them to tell me?
  10. I'm wondering mostly about the process of taking out loans. I'm heavily leaning towards going to Goldsmiths which means loans for the first time. I know they accept FASFA, but I don't actually know what I'll get from FASFA yet. How does this process work? There is also a limit for graduate students taking out FASFA of like 20,000 something. How does that work? I'll need more than that I think. Goldsmiths is like half the sticker price of similar American universities; 32,000 vs 68,000 (SAIC). So, surely people take out more loans than 20,000? Sorry if all of these questions are really
  11. I wasn’t trying to argue that it is or isn’t literal. I’m just suggesting that it’s a bit too bleak of a take. Some people go get they’re mfa and are basically scammed. Many of us aren’t. The people on this forum aren’t very likely to be, because we are clearly all thinking very critically about what it means to get our mfa and how to do so in the way that best serves our practice and career. I like that you went there with it though. We need to consider even the harshest perspective. For example, for me personally, I think Goldsmiths could be bit of a scam. I would be an international stu
  12. Very harsh take but it’s a good perspective for all of us to remind ourselves of now and then. Don’t the completely funded programs sort of disprove the theory though? A lot of people this year and every year are going to go get there mfa for free or be paid to do so. So considering that those opportunities exist in the first place, one could argue that it can’t possibly be a Ponzi scheme. I think what you are saying CAN be true but is not necessarily true.
  13. Agree with all of the above! I love the teaching possibilities as well. I hope you hear soon! May I ask how you got in touch with alums? That’s something I haven’t done yet but I think it would be really valuable.
  14. Congrats to those on the waitlist! Although that’s such a tough place to be if other schools are pressuring you to make decisions. I hope you get in!
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