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  1. https://accounting.vcu.edu/tuition/tuition-and-fees-calculator---post-undergraduate/ Here you can check.
  2. Thanks for your answer. What does she think about the program? Is she satisfied with the program?
  3. Hi, What do you think about the VCU painting program? I look at the faculty members and there is only one painter as faculty. And I am worrying now. Do you have any insight on the painting program?
  4. I got an acceptance letter from VCU!(Painting) I thought I was rejected since my interview was Feb 11th. They said I will get significant funding package. But I am not sure of how much I can get. Anyways the forum helped me a lot! Thanks! And good luck!
  5. I got email from UTA now. They put me on the waitlist. If someone waits for the result, you will get email from them soon.
  6. They said "we’re still accepting applications for a few more days until February 13." I applied around Jan 30.
  7. I was going to apply there and decided not to apply. Anyways they emailed me today and said their applications are due March 1, 2021.
  8. Does anyone get an interview from NYU? I know they extended the application deadline.
  9. I got an interview invitation and was interviewed last week. But I didn't get the result yet. (Painting)
  10. Nothing yet. I also had interview on Jan(painting). They said only one person will get in this year.
  11. I heard if the interview is intimidating it is a good sign and if professors are just being nice it is a bad sign. Is it true? What do you think?
  12. Did you guys email professors after the interview ?
  13. Hey I had interview 10days ago(painting). They said they will choose only one person for the painting area and at the end they said they will let me know the result 2-5weeks later. I haven't heard anything by now.
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