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  1. Just got the bad news.. UO sent me my rejection finally today.. good luck to everyone else! Looks like it’s the end of the road for me. If anyone gets in please let us know, we’re rooting for ya!
  2. Dude, same! I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on applying to safety schools knowing that I’d be unhappy there anyways.. UO was the only program I applied to and if I don’t get in this year I’ll probably reapply next year too. This has been quite the marathon, haha. Well good luck and hopefully no news is good news!
  3. Wait, are you serious?? I emailed them twice so far and last I heard they said end of March.. now they’re pushing it back a third time? Also- it’s a little crazy that they’re waiting until after April 15th to send out notices.. Most ppl, including lots of folks on these forums, have already had to commit to programs and put deposits down. I’m also guessing that they’re just not doing interviews this year? Kind of strange.. With such a tough applicant pool this year you would think interviewing would make things easier for them?? I don’t know what to think anymore. Lol Can you post a photo
  4. Oh my gosh.. 8?! That’s two less than they said during Grad Review.. this is driving me totally bonkers🥴
  5. Sorry to hear about your bad news How did you hear from UO if you don’t mind me asking? Did they send you an email or did you just check the gradweb profile?? EDIT: You’re the first person I’ve seen mention them, so I’m curious how they’re rolling them out..
  6. For some reason my google analytics isn't working right... I have an art station account and I can see on their end that I'm getting big website hits even as recent as this morning, but on google I'm not getting any information.. Edit: Nevermind, figured it out lol
  7. More updates on UO. Just got an email from a gal I met at Grad Review in the Fall and apparently the department head emailed her directly letting her know she’d been placed on the waitlist. What that means for the rest of us I’m not sure.. Has anyone else heard anything like this? I guess if we’re not on the waitlist then I guess we’re either in or out at this point!
  8. I know I feel you! They must’ve really gotten a huge applicant pool this year.. At this point I’m considering no news to be good news, honestly. She said that they would update our GradWeb profiles when they make a decision, which is kind of confusing because it makes me feel like they aren’t even holding interviews this year.. But who knows! I really considered this school to be under the radar but this is the first year the program is 100% funded for all admitted students, so that might explain the increase in applications. Let’s just all keep each other posted!
  9. Just got word from UO... They still haven’t made any decisions yet and according to the admissions office it won’t be until the end of the month.. Apparently there were “many excellent candidates this year.” Just keep breathing my friends!
  10. I’ve heard over and over again, do NOT pay for grad school. It’s not worth it. Teaching jobs are increasingly difficult to come by after school anyways, having a mountain of debt to add to that stress is gonna suck really bad. Just my two cents😋
  11. Gahh, this is driving me crazy!! It’s been over two months and still no peep from UO. They’ve gotta be getting close to sending out invites, right??
  12. If you hear anything back from UO let us know!
  13. It is pretty crazy! I have a really stupid amount of student loan debt from undgrad, so graduate loans are completely out of the question for me.
  14. Keep the faith! Lots of schools are dragging their feet right now.
  15. So just out of curiosity- and I throw this question out there for everyone- how do you guys plan on making up the difference in tuition costs and living fees after your scholarship money offers? Some schools for instance have a $55,000+ per year tuition cost, plus a mandatory $1000+ health insurance fee, several academic fees and then of course there’s room and board.. Are you guys taking out graduate loans or how are you paying for all this? I know it’s not ideal, but I think I’ll have to continue working a part time job just to pay rent while in school What’s your guy’s academic financ
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