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  1. finally got rejected from cu boulder! 😅
  2. The email also said they were only able to select 8 people for their incoming class which I think is for their full graduate program.
  3. Thank you! I'm looking forward to attending in the fall! It was an email from the graduate director that seemed generic. I applied in painting.
  4. I got my rejections from University of Oregon and University of Maryland today. Maryland sent a nice, personal email which I really appreciate; they were one of my top choices initially. I just need to hear back from University of Colorado and I'll have closure.
  5. I called Colorado and it sounds like I wasn't a first selection candidate and am on a waitlist. I'm assuming Maryland is a rejection since they typically reach out to students in end of February to early March. Either way, I received tuition remission and an assistantship from Umass amherst and really love the location and am excited about the interdisciplinary program, so even if I hear back from Maryland, Colorado, or Oregon it won't make a difference at this point.
  6. I applied to Ohio State in painting and hadn't heard anything from them. I just checked my application status today and it changed to rejected which I expected but I'm glad to know for sure now.
  7. That's crazy! I wonder if maybe they have already reached out to some candidates since they are usually so much earlier to contact and interview people in past years. I can't even consider them as an option anymore since my other confirmation deadlines are before the end of the month which is a bit frustrating. Has anyone heard from University of Maryland yet either?
  8. I totally agree with almost everything your saying Meaou. I just wanted to add from what I've personally been told/experienced, attending a state school typically doesn't negatively affect someones chances of getting hired as a professor. State schools often give students a full two or three years teaching experience whereas private art colleges may not even offer the chance to teach to each student. When I've looked at faculty as I was deciding where to apply; typically, there is a even split between faculty who attended state vs private art colleges. I'm sure there is some merit to attending
  9. I think the specific department you apply for generally controls the more merit based funding like tuition remission and assistantships whereas the financial aid office will tell you the loans and amount of loans you qualify for annually.
  10. When did you hear from cu boulder painting and drawing? I interviewed but haven't heard anything.
  11. Has anyone heard anything from University of Maryland-College Park?
  12. I interviewed at Umass Amherst but am waiting to hear back, and, to my knowledge, we are all waiting to hear from University of Oregon.
  13. I'm sorry Was it a generic rejection email? I'm still waiting, but I saw someone was waitlisted earlier, so I'm pretty nervous.
  14. I just received a Skype interview request from University of Massachusetts-Amherst via email!
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