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  1. I had an interview a few weeks ago with RISD sculpture. I received an email this evening requesting a phone call tomorrow morning. Honestly, I'm not sure what this means. A follow-up interview maybe? Trying not to get my hopes up!
  2. Congratulations! Thats great news! I applied to: Yale - rejected RISD (sculpture) - interviewed, waiting to hear back
  3. Has anyone who had an interview heard back from RISD sculpture yet? Did anyone else here apply to RISD sculpture?
  4. I just had an interview with RISD sculpture department yesterday. I was rather nervous beforehand but I found the four interviewers to have a nice energy so it was an enjoyable experience overall. In retrospect there are a few things I wish I had mentioned or articulated better but so it goes! They asked me: Can you speak about the themes in your work? Why RISD sculpture in particular? What do you think you'll get out of grad school in general? What questions did I have for them? Where do I see myself and my work in the future? Hope this is helpful! Kat
  5. Has anyone heard from Yale yet?
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