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  1. Still haven't heard from RISD sculpture and Hunter studio art. Has anyone got an acceptance from these schools?
  2. I think it went terrible haha. However I just found out that I'm wait listed, which is an honor but also frustrating 🤧
  3. Hello Yue! Thank you very much for your invaluable insight! It's good to hear that your interviews went well. I think my interview with VCU could've been better. I really love the program and think it's one of the best programs, but I didn't expect that I will be asked about political thoughts on North Korea! The answer I gave could've been better if I had better language skills haha. When I panic I can't structure sentences. I realized that I should really work on my English till the next interviews. Thank you again and I hope you get the result you wanted! 😎
  4. Hey :] If it's not too much to ask, how was the interview? My Skype interview is scheduled next week, and I really like the program from what I read on the website. I'm curious to hear from people who experienced talking to the faculties.
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