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  1. I haven't received an email notification yet, but I just checked my RISD applicant portal and saw an update that linked to a rejection letter (for photo).
  2. Photo person here, and still waiting to hear back from RISD; crossing my fingers for both of us!
  3. I have an interview this coming weekend, and in the email I was sent about the time of my interview it was also requested that candidates for Photography and Sculpture (but not other disciplines) bring small samples of recent work created since our portfolios were submitted. I'm interviewing in Photography, so I plan on bringing 12-15 prints of new work I've made since submitting the application, and Sculpture candidates were requested to bring a material fragment from a larger piece, or documentation of recent work.
  4. That wording is really ambiguous, but perhaps the good standing remark was meant to convey an encouragement to apply again if you weren't invited for an interview. Also, I don't remember my rejection letter from Bard off the top of my head, but I received an interview invite this year after two previous rejections, so I hope you guys keep up the good fight should you not be admitted to your desired program this year and get rewarded for your efforts down the road.
  5. Received my rejection from Hunter this morning, I hope everyone on here is hanging in there!
  6. Just received an interview for Bard College's MFA program (I haven't been on here in a couple of weeks, but I received rejections from Yale and SAIC in the meantime, so I'm hoping others on here receive positive news if they've been getting negative responses).
  7. Decisions should be sent at the end of today's business day (info from an email I received from their school a few days before the deadline, because I hadn't submitted my application at that point and it offered helpful insights about the process, including the interview decision date).
  8. Checking in here for the first time since applying after taking a couple of years off from the process; I forgot how intense this oasis of anxiety is, so I hope everyone on here receives good news soon if they haven't already.
  9. You're going to love it! I drove up to New Haven a couple of years ago and sat in on two consecutive critiques (first for the photography department, then for sculpture), and the energy was incredibly electric and the back and forth between the students and faculty members was very in-depth and illuminating. The school itself also seemed like a great venue to produce and showcase work, so I'm sure your two years there will prove to be a very productive and rewarding experience.
  10. Hello! I've been fairly silent on here over the last several weeks, but I'm super excited for everyone on here who has landed interviews and admission invites to programs they've applied to (as well as to those who've even been waitlisted, which is also an accomplishment and a hopeful one at that). To those who are feeling disappointed during this process/cycle, I can relate: I've received four outright rejections from the seven programs I applied to, and from this forum I deduced that I didn't land interviews at the other three and that those rejections are forthcoming. I was super demor
  11. Don't get too down on yourself! I applied to Hunter three years ago and received an interview invite but didn't get admitted, and I applied again this year and didn't get an interview. I've been mentally tormenting myself the last several hours over this outright rejection, especially because I felt I made a lot of personal artistic progress since my first application and interview. However, admission into these MFA programs is extremely competitive, and I reminded myself that I'm personally able and subsumed in my medium, and that I will spend the next ten months working and pushing myself fu
  12. I'm know someone who applied to Hunter's MFA photo discipline and received a interview invite last Friday, and seeing how there are a couple of photo peeps in this forum who have gotten Hunter invites today, I'm not certain they're rolling out invites by department per se (I'm crossing my fingers for both of us!).
  13. Ahh, thank you for this info! The wait has been excruciating ayee eeee urghhh.
  14. I've been quiet on this forum over the last few weeks, but I also got a rejection from Yale last night. In the immediate aftermath it felt like a bummer, but compared to how I'm feeling about many of the terrible things going on here in the US and around the world right now, the rejection was a mere psychological speedbump (a close friend of mine from Iran and her family and friends have been severely affected by the recent travel ban, and seeing what they're going through is horrifying a hugely regrettable). But congratulations to those on here who landed interview invites, I'm crossing
  15. I applied to a few programs last year and gave each of my references a copy of one of my favorite books after all my application decisions came in; it wasn't too expensive, and I paired it with a thank you note in appreciation of the letter of recommendation they submitted as well as a brief anecdote about the book's personal significance. But any small, compact, and not fragile item would make a good long distance gift, and sending it to their office sounds like a pretty safe way to deliver it if you don't know their home address (my references were instructors from my alma mater which I live
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