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  1. Anyone hear from Columbia/NYU/RISD/NYU for painting?
  2. My friend just got rejected by Hunter photography this morning
  3. Called RISD and they said they don’t invite all the admitted students to interview...which means that if you haven’t heard back from them there’s still chance!
  4. I also applied for Bard painting and haven't heard anything yet! Hope that every department has different timing cuz this has freaked me out....
  5. I also received the update which basically says they rejected me (regret to inform you that the admission committee is unable to extend an invitation to interview...) Best of luck to everyone here!
  6. Just heard from SVA for an interview on Jan 28th! It will be my first interview for application to MFA so kinda nervous rn... And also, is there anyone has heard back from Bard/Yale/Hunter/RISD/Columbia?
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