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  1. Updated report on best art programs - 2020. This list is arbitrary in some ways but the shift in rankings is really interesting! Of course it comes down to the fit and feel of a program for each artist. https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-fine-arts-schools/fine-arts-rankings
  2. has anyone gotten word from CalArts for painting? hope everyone's getting what they need right now!
  3. Accepted to UCSD via email 🥰
  4. Hiiii, my friend in the program told me they are doing interviews this week. I haven't heard anything from them 😕
  5. Hey, thanks so much for the insight! I have no idea what it means either, but we'll see haha.
  6. question about CalArts-- Applied for MFA school of art, but did not receive an interview. Was assuming waitlist or rejection. However, this year I was emailed credentials for the Hub (student services), where I see that my financial aid is being reviewed. Did everyone who applied receive this email? It seems standard but not I'm sure since I didn't receive one of these last year, even though I was eventually waitlisted and rejected. Thanks!
  7. Nope, that's confusing! I got a similar email right after submitting my application, but none since. I applied for painting, so not sure about other disciplines.
  8. Has anyone heard from VCU painting?
  9. Received an interview invite to UCSD a few hours ago!
  10. Heyyy all, This is my second time applying. I applied to four programs last year and was rejected from three and waitlisted at one. Stung at first but I was ultimately sooo grateful for the extra year and feel that my work is in a much better place-- definitely feel ready!. This year I'm applying, for painting/printmaking, to the following: UCSD UCLA RISD CalArts Yale VCU Shooting high. We'll see! Pretty anxious to start hearing.
  11. I got a status update email, waitlisted. Not sure how I feel about the changes going on within the school but still exciting!
  12. Has anyone gotten an official rejection from CalArts? I wasn't asked to interview but have received proper notification from all my other schools. Thanks!
  13. Was this via email or status page? Congrats!
  14. I can't be totally sure! She was waitlisted then accepted so her timeline may be different than the norm. But she did receive a nice package!
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