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  1. I just received an interview invite email this morning for NYU
  2. My understanding is that it was optional.
  3. For such an early deadline that really is a long review period. Makes sense, though
  4. For those that applied to CalArts, did you upload a video introduction? Is this taking the place of an interview? Has anyone heard anything?
  5. I don't know much about NYAA, but I would follow your gut. MFAs are a big decision both financially and personally. If it feels fishy, it probably is.
  6. Hunter only allows 10 image portfolio, vs the usual 20 images. Is it better to show a more concise body of work in the past 2 years, or a bit more range from the past 3?
  7. Yikes either way! Such a small # of accepted applicants for the coming year...but good to know, thanks!
  8. I heard Yale Sculpture is accepting around 3-4, from the virtual info session last month. Has it changed?
  9. What kind of art practices did they engage in? Curious if you got a sense of what type of artist would benefit most from their program.
  10. hey again! 2 questions: - Is it a good idea to reapply to MFA programs if they rejected you last year? Specifically Yale. This is considering that a huge portion of my portion of my portfolio is new and more resolved. Worth it or waste of application fee? - How important are recommenders? Just have some trustworthy former profs, not many (if any) "star power" artists. Does anyone have insight on how selection committees look at recommendations?
  11. Hi again, trying to compile a good list of schools in NYC and LA for MFA programs. For LA, does anyone have any info about USC? I was reading about some major student controversy a few years back, not sure if it was ironed out. Otherwise, CalArts and UCLA seem to be the only ones on my list. Does anyone have any other suggestions in SoCal?
  12. I have the ever-present question of "which genre/discipline do I choose for my application" looming over my head. I work typically in fiber, but I have made some installations and some flatter fiber works that may feel more painting-adjacent. It leans more craft than "New Media." Applying mainly to interdisciplinary programs...but many programs still ask you to identify a discipline. Does anyone have any insights/thoughts on how to approach this?
  13. Which programs are notable & funded that any of you have knowledge of? That information isn't totally clear on many of the application sites.
  14. I am reapplying this year after COVID-19 restrictions felt a little too strict to warrant tuition. I want to focus on funded programs, though not applying to them exclusively. I have gotten a lot of information about UCSD, but does anyone have information on UCLA? Their website is opaque, and I don't know much about the program other than its evident exclusivity.
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