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  1. Thanks so much this is really helpful! I never thought of Facebook but definitely sounds like the way to go. All the best with your next step! :-)
  2. Hey all! Just curious about peoples accommodation plans... what time is best to start looking/ sort accommodation out? I'm planning to live off campus and won't be able to visit anywhere/ know others. Any advice much appreciated! :-)
  3. As an international too, I found it really helpful to email a couple past students from the programmes I applied to; I got some very detailed responses and it's lovely how willing artists are to help each other. They gave me very helpful insights into their experiences, the pros/ cons/ struggles of the programme and the sort of artist they think it bests suits (some even took the time to look at my website). This really helped me envision how I would find being on the MFA. Hope that helps and good luck deciding :-D
  4. I just declined an offer that I originally received at the end of last month from painting if that helps to answer anything. I've noticed sculpture and printmaking seem to be further behind in the admissions process.
  5. Interviewed for 3 and heard back from one 3/4 weeks later and from the others roughly 2 weeks later. I think they were exceptionally quick though and it's dependant on when faculty can meet up, how many finalists they had etc. All the best with hearing back :-)
  6. Snap! accepted the offer and all :-) Are you planning to go? Can't wait to study under Josephine; past students have nothing but wonderful things to say about her and I loved our interview. Can't beat a great programme at a great price either! :-D
  7. Got an acceptance today!! Hope you've good news too ☺
  8. Has anyone interviewed for Boston University Painting and heard back yet?
  9. Got accepted to MICA Hoffberger! With a merit scholarship. Unfortunately wayyyy out of my price range still unless I can source further funding, so it's likely a no-go. But it is a real confidence boost to have been accepted into such a selective programme, so very grateful to them.
  10. Thanks so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it :-) you're very right about what you've said and needed to hear it. As well thank you ablobofcrazy and EastCoastPhoto for your feedback, it is very appreciated.
  11. Is paying $22,000 a year for an MFA good/ the average? (That is half tuition and will also have a $10,000 a year stipend) -offer entails 10 hours TA Realising in my position I didn't really think this whole studying in the U.S thing through enough .... $44,000 in debt if I can even miraculously get a loan from my country (UK). Feeling pretty gutted. I thought it was finally my time after non-stop rejections from everything I've applied to the past few years. Any thoughts or fellow UK applicants?
  12. Is anyone else here applying from UK? If so, do you know where we can go to for loans/ funding? Only option seems to be trying to get a bank loan...
  13. I'm really hoping for a good funding package (accepted to Tyler Painting but now waiting on funding offer); all admitted students at least get a TA position but the amount of tuition it covers varies. I know I will still need a loan of some sort, which I have NO IDEA where from since I'm from UK/ Ireland and we have ONE government student loans company and they don't fund studying abroad...a private bank loan seems like a very undesirable option....
  14. Hey, what is your discipline area and when is the interview? Someone I did my BA with went there for their MFA (painting), if you want to PM me I can send you her fb and instagram handle (sorry don't have her email), I'm sure she'd be happy to give you some advice on the interview. Are you applying from the U.S?
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