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  1. Hi everyone! I was a little active on this forum in early 2017 during my first go-around at applications. Out of four schools I was accepted into one, but even with their offer of partial funding I still found it too pricey to accept, especially since it was only my safety school. So I decided to take a lengthy break from pursuing grad school, work on my portfolio and CV, and take things much slower and surer this second time around. Hence this new thread asking for everyone's advice Professionally I am mainly an illustrator but I consider this inseparable from my explorations in graphic design. I'm interested in how the two collaborate in the innovation of print/publication design, primarily in children's books, games, and visual narratives in general. Bonus points if the program touches on political activism or social practice. For these reasons I'm very attracted to Tyler School of Art's Graphic & Interactive Design program thanks to the student work on display, and University of Illinois's Graphic Design for its great-looking core faculty. I want to know if anyone on here knows of any programs I might've missed that match my description. I want a program that intertwines graphic design heavily with illustration, and would let me focus more towards print design. (I work with, and enjoy, web/UI design just fine but it's just not my calling!) I'm not entirely closed to suggestions of MFA Illustration programs, either; I've had my eye on Syracuse University for some time I'm a little bit wary of brand-name/for-profit institutions, but I won't be mad to learn if their vis comm/illustration program fits the bill. Thanks, everyone! Good luck on your own searches for the perfect school.
  2. Congratulations to everyone receiving acceptance/interview notices!!! Got my first rejection tonight, from UAL Camberwell College of Arts. Not a nice feeling, but at least one thing over and dealt with this cycle.
  3. @tugbamina_871 @Poodle-Doodle, thank you for the additional advice. It's a very tricky scale to tilt, I continue to realize. (Btw @tugbamina_871 congratulations on coming out of the green card screening process in one piece! That sounds terrifying). I'll look into my Facebook and decide which posts I think are safe to be public, perhaps. And I've slowly been cobbling a website together; hopefully I'll have it up in time for visa apps Thank you, hehe! How worrying to hear of the LGBT situation in your country, though. Power to you as you continue to navigate such a space. On the topic of funding - Admittedly my family is quite financially secure (I still live with my parents; lucky me that over here, people tend to stay at home til they get married), but still, 100% shouldering grad school with personal funding is out of the question, not possible. As of the moment, with no word yet from any of the schools I applied to, I think you and I are in the same boat @Poodle-Doodle, and hoping to snag at least partial funding at any of them. UAL Camberwell has an excellent £25k scholarship it's offering to 8 int'l students, which I will be gunning for. Also, I specifically applied to SVA due to its nearness to an aunt I have who immigrated to the US long ago and now lives in New York. If accepted there I can easily live with her and cut down on living costs. Other than that, I fully intend on taking a part-time job while at grad school, if not related to my discipline, at least something to give me a little more pocket money. I have a friend currently studying in London who earns on the side by manning her school's booth at college fairs. Interested to hear other people's answers to the question above.
  4. As an international applicant hoping to study in the US, this post gives me warm and fuzzy feelings Thanks for the positive energy. My country wasn't one of the targeted in the recent EO, but with Trump having called my people "terrorists" in the past, who knows. And there's still that dreaded visa application. Still: onward!
  5. @Poodle-Doodle Why thank you for that helpful answer! I realize now that my worry was only covering the admissions aspect and I hadn't thought about visa applications. Your experience with your interview actually sounds quite scary - I'm quite sure now it'll be more intense this coming year (the usual incompetence of our government agencies notwithstanding). I've already taken the precaution making both my Twitter and Facebook private/friends only for the time being. Here's hoping I haven't missed anything. @kindaafraid I agree with you that it's heartening to see so many Americans organizing/taking to the streets to voice their dissent. It encourages me that tiniest bit to proceed with my applications. Here in my home country the protests have become louder and more frequent as well (I've joined several myself), so while I do feel a measure of guilt that I won't be able to contribute my physical presence to the cause, I can at least spread word of it to the vast audience in the USA. Re: Filipinos' attitude towards LGBT - I suppose what we do have going for us is there at least aren't any laws criminalizing LGBT people, though of course same-sex marriage is still not legalized here. In fact, some House representatives have been lobbying for an Anti-Discrimination Bill for months now, but it hasn't been moving forward. Socially/culturally, I can tell you that yes, there is a general growing "acceptance" that LGBT people exist - still in its early stages, though. Gay men and transgender women have the most exposure (yes, unfortunate implications), especially in our pop culture. Lesbians (I being one) aren't "celebrated" as much. There is, interestingly, a good number of LGBT celebrities in the Philippines - not just gay men, but also lesbians, trans men and women, etc. They have to endure their fair share of typecasting for sure, but they're visible, which I think is a step forward. You may have even heard of our transgender politician whom we elected last year. (I would like to mention here, because this is something I'm vocal about: The LGBT who are usually visible/celebrated in our pop culture are, to put it bluntly, rather Westernized portraits of queerness. They're often conventionally attractive [fair skin, Western features], well-off, well-educated, "cultured". The LGBT poor are still often ridiculed for being "tacky" and "ugly".) Firsthand experience, I had the great luck of taking my undergrad at a university well-known for its progressiveness. I had zero problems being out among my friends and in my many classes. It's sad that's not the case for the LGBT students who go to some of our other universities which are predominantly traditional, Catholic-run institutions. I'm happy at least to tell you that among my generation, and the younger ones after us, LGBT acceptance and discussion is VERY good. Hope this clears things up for you. Didn't mean to ramble like that, hehe. I wish you all the best of luck as well!
  6. @kindaafraid and @minakoruk Power to you both! Regardless of what you choose to do or where you go, I wish you both safety and fulfillment. For myself, I'm a Filipino living in the Philippines and have applied to schools in US, Hong Kong, and UK. This is my first ever go at applications. I was very nervous last year when I'd decided to take the leap, especially since a former professor warned me and my friend that anything could happen that could bar us from moving to the States for MFA (he himself had been accepted into Brown but then 9/11 happened). However, I'd like to think that US schools will be more interested this time around to see what their international applicants have to offer. It seems as good a time as any to make classes more diverse than ever before, to hear different viewpoints on the uptick in populism/modern fascism in many parts of the world. My own statements of purpose detailed my motivation to explore political commentary in illustration and graphic design. So I guess I just want to pipe in and say that, fellow international applicants, what we're doing now might be difficult, but whatever comes out of it could only be good. I wish you all the best of luck! (Adding a question here, just to keep the ball rolling: how intense are grad offices' investigations of international applicants, usually? My friend and I were nervously joking with each other that we'd need to lock up our Twitters, as we both RT and write a lot of stuff that's critical of not only our own government but America's as well [how can we not, when everything they do affects us?] I'm not sure if this a naive or paranoid question, but would advisers looking up applicants for admission/scholarship go as far as to hunt down our social media accounts? Of course the schools I've applied to pledge they don't discriminate based on race or creed, but I imagine discourse and praxis are a whole 'nother ball game. Hope this question makes sense. Thank you very much in advance!)
  7. Ah, you had a rep, no wonder! That's good - there are actually no UAL reps in my own country; I'd searched the website and found out the one closest to me was in Hong Kong, lol. So I had to carry out my application myself. But I'm glad for you Here's hoping we'll meet each other in UAL!
  8. If I may briefly answer the original question here, if just to add another voice... I live in the Philippines, and yes, Trump's election discouraged me quite a bit. A former professor even warned both me and my friend (who's also been applying) that something could suddenly happen to bar us from taking our MFA's there (he was speaking from experience; years ago he was accepted into Brown, but then 9/11 happened). My friend and I decided to apply anyway, just to see what happens. In all honesty, a little after November, I was actually feeling pretty good about going to the US; I figured it was true that the more qualified White House members would be able to keep Trump in line. But right now, seeing all that awfulness that's gone down just a week after his inauguration? I'm frightened all over again. I'm still pushing through, though, because this is my dream. I think it helps that my study plans/proposals to US schools have all been about political commentary + protest in design/illustration (inspired by my own country's very similar President and violent current events). I think it would be good to establish a dialogue about fascism with American students, so we can see how it manifests in different parts of the world.
  9. Nice, hello! Yes, so I've heard. On top of that, I see we're both international students. Was their application timeline a little vague for you? Camberwell's MA Illustration page stated there was "no deadline" for int'l students (they just recommended to apply asap), though after I'd sent in initial requirements (transcript, immigration form), they replied with my PebblePad account details informing me the deadline was January 30, 2017. Did you have a similar experience? I've also applied to RISD and SCAD (both for Graphic Design) and SVA (for Illustration). How about you? Wishing the best of luck to you with your own applications
  10. Hello! Long-time lurker here. Finally decided to get an account because waiting it out alone is starting to feel a lot like sitting in a glass case LOL. Just want to know, anyone else here apply to UAL (Camberwell for me specifically), and what course? Also, Congrats!! Wow! How far ahead did they schedule your interview, and will it be in person or via Skype/phone?
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