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  1. Hello, everyone! Preparing for my second round of applications this year. I've always felt that the Visual Arts sub-forum needed its own "questions" thread. I feel like our application requirements are a very different beast from those of other fields, especially when it comes to our personal statements and portfolio. Hope that this provides a space for clarifications, advice, tips, etc. - To get the ball rolling: I'm fixing up my CV and am not sure where I can put one particular achievement. During quarantine, a well-established studio in my country invited me (and several other vis
  2. @AP @gentvenus I appreciate the frank responses. I can see I might've worded my question poorly and made it look like I would be requesting specific numbers from the department rather than advice; that's on me. I think I might email a few individual professors I'm interested in working with, as well. Thanks again.
  3. Hi all. I had prepared to make this The Year in which I would get my applications in order. Of course, seeing the amount of people here and on reddit possibly deferring til 2021 has made me a little nervous about my chances. I'm considering putting off applying until next year to qualify for Fall 2022 instead. Would it look rude or desperate if I emailed the departments I was interested in to ask if they had a significant number of deferrals from this year to next, and if so, how this would affect my chances of being admitted as a fresh applicant in 2021? Or if they advise me to apply th
  4. Hi everyone! I was a little active on this forum in early 2017 during my first go-around at applications. Out of four schools I was accepted into one, but even with their offer of partial funding I still found it too pricey to accept, especially since it was only my safety school. So I decided to take a lengthy break from pursuing grad school, work on my portfolio and CV, and take things much slower and surer this second time around. Hence this new thread asking for everyone's advice Professionally I am mainly an illustrator but I consider this inseparable from my explorations in gr
  5. Congratulations to everyone receiving acceptance/interview notices!!! Got my first rejection tonight, from UAL Camberwell College of Arts. Not a nice feeling, but at least one thing over and dealt with this cycle.
  6. @tugbamina_871 @Poodle-Doodle, thank you for the additional advice. It's a very tricky scale to tilt, I continue to realize. (Btw @tugbamina_871 congratulations on coming out of the green card screening process in one piece! That sounds terrifying). I'll look into my Facebook and decide which posts I think are safe to be public, perhaps. And I've slowly been cobbling a website together; hopefully I'll have it up in time for visa apps Thank you, hehe! How worrying to hear of the LGBT situation in your country, though. Power to you as you continue to navigate such a space. On the
  7. As an international applicant hoping to study in the US, this post gives me warm and fuzzy feelings Thanks for the positive energy. My country wasn't one of the targeted in the recent EO, but with Trump having called my people "terrorists" in the past, who knows. And there's still that dreaded visa application. Still: onward!
  8. @Poodle-Doodle Why thank you for that helpful answer! I realize now that my worry was only covering the admissions aspect and I hadn't thought about visa applications. Your experience with your interview actually sounds quite scary - I'm quite sure now it'll be more intense this coming year (the usual incompetence of our government agencies notwithstanding). I've already taken the precaution making both my Twitter and Facebook private/friends only for the time being. Here's hoping I haven't missed anything. @kindaafraid I agree with you that it's heartening to see so many Americans organi
  9. @kindaafraid and @minakoruk Power to you both! Regardless of what you choose to do or where you go, I wish you both safety and fulfillment. For myself, I'm a Filipino living in the Philippines and have applied to schools in US, Hong Kong, and UK. This is my first ever go at applications. I was very nervous last year when I'd decided to take the leap, especially since a former professor warned me and my friend that anything could happen that could bar us from moving to the States for MFA (he himself had been accepted into Brown but then 9/11 happened). However, I'd like to think that US scho
  10. Ah, you had a rep, no wonder! That's good - there are actually no UAL reps in my own country; I'd searched the website and found out the one closest to me was in Hong Kong, lol. So I had to carry out my application myself. But I'm glad for you Here's hoping we'll meet each other in UAL!
  11. If I may briefly answer the original question here, if just to add another voice... I live in the Philippines, and yes, Trump's election discouraged me quite a bit. A former professor even warned both me and my friend (who's also been applying) that something could suddenly happen to bar us from taking our MFA's there (he was speaking from experience; years ago he was accepted into Brown, but then 9/11 happened). My friend and I decided to apply anyway, just to see what happens. In all honesty, a little after November, I was actually feeling pretty good about going to the US; I figured it
  12. Nice, hello! Yes, so I've heard. On top of that, I see we're both international students. Was their application timeline a little vague for you? Camberwell's MA Illustration page stated there was "no deadline" for int'l students (they just recommended to apply asap), though after I'd sent in initial requirements (transcript, immigration form), they replied with my PebblePad account details informing me the deadline was January 30, 2017. Did you have a similar experience? I've also applied to RISD and SCAD (both for Graphic Design) and SVA (for Illustration). How about you? Wishing the bes
  13. Hello! Long-time lurker here. Finally decided to get an account because waiting it out alone is starting to feel a lot like sitting in a glass case LOL. Just want to know, anyone else here apply to UAL (Camberwell for me specifically), and what course? Also, Congrats!! Wow! How far ahead did they schedule your interview, and will it be in person or via Skype/phone?
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