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Questions that don't deserve their own thread


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Hello, everyone! Preparing for my second round of applications this year. I've always felt that the Visual Arts sub-forum needed its own "questions" thread. I feel like our application requirements are a very different beast from those of other fields, especially when it comes to our personal statements and portfolio. Hope that this provides a space for clarifications, advice, tips, etc.


To get the ball rolling: I'm fixing up my CV and am not sure where I can put one particular achievement. During quarantine, a well-established studio in my country invited me (and several other visual artists) to submit a few works to be reproduced and sold exclusively by them as prints. These works were posted to their website for one month. Each sale profit was split among me, the studio, and a communal fund that was divided equally among all artists at the end. They called the project an "initiative" to help artists & freelancers who might have lost work due to the pandemic. Would this count as an online exhibit by invitation? Or is it more of a professional/service activity?


(P.S. Feel free to go ahead and post your own questions even if you don't have a response to mine!)

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