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  1. Yes. It’s a little different each year, but I believe Photography accepts only 2 people, Painting and Sculpture 3-4 each and Transmedia seems to accept about 2-3 people.
  2. I accepted UT Austin's offer yesterday. Really excited about the program's atmosphere, facilities, faculty, current, and incoming grad cohort. While there, I had a feeling 1-2 accepted people were looking for something different and might reject their offers.
  3. I'm an international applicant (currently living in the States), and – while I don't know what's the average – the advice that I got during my first portfolio review day 2 years ago (from a very kind professor who took a break from the undergrads reviews and chatted with me informally) was: "Don't take the loans, figure out how to do it without paying". There are a few great programs that waive tuition for most/all applicants (Rutgers, UT Austin, UCLA, VCU) AND there are state universities where tuition is very low and they might waive the non-resident part of the tuition if they accept
  4. I'm waiting on it too, but assuming rejection at this point, since other departments already sent acceptances. I'm not sure how UCLA makes decisions, but other universities I've heard from involve all the faculty into the decision process (not just the concentration the candidate applied to), as they are balancing the cohort. It might be different for UCLA, though.
  5. I just received my Skype interview confirmation hours ago (scheduled for Tuesday, Photo dept). I feel coordinators are a little overwhelmed with planning on-campus interview day and Skype interviews, so hang in there!
  6. CalArts Photo and Art&Tech sent interview invites around Feb 11 (a friend of mine and I got emails within a few days from each other). They want to interview all applicants on campus on March 7, so I imagine they must send all the invites before the end of February to let people make travel arrangements. I haven’t heard from UCLA (Photo) yet, but someone who applied for Painting mentioned they got a call from them a few days ago.
  7. I believe the interview notifications are out for all departments since my email from them mentioned that people invited to Photo, Art, and Art and Technology all interview on the same day on their campus.
  8. Just got an interview invitation from CalArts Photo. I didn't realize they interview in person. Does anyone know what is their situation with funding?
  9. I wonder if they sent decisions only to people who were voted unanimously. Because my offer stated the same:) It’s nice to meet you! Will you come to Austin in March?
  10. Yes, a few hours ago! Fingers crossed for everyone who interviewed to other departments now!
  11. I just got an acceptance email from UT Austin Photo! Still can hardly believe it!
  12. I'm about to relocate to another state for a job, and the waiting is making me so antsy?I hope to get some news on admission until the end of the month. UoHouston Painting has sent out notifications of acceptance, I wonder whether anyone heard back from their Photo department?
  13. Congrats! @theway CalArts Photo, Art, Art&Tech have not sent out interviews/rejections yet. I'm in touch with their grad coordinator, it will happen at least in mid-February. I'll post here if she gets back with specific dates.
  14. Do you by any chance know if your friend received funding info from CalArts around that time too or did it come later? ?
  15. They gave my friend who interviewed for painting the same timeline but didn't explain their process. Thank you, this helps! So the waiting game begins.
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