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  1. chz&pcake

    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    @justaylor I interview tomorrow. Its possible they're staggering interviews- I'm still waiting to hear back either way from 4 out of the 6 schools I applied to so I think we're still in the early stages.
  2. chz&pcake

    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    Here's a list of sample interview questions UofM included in their email to me. Most of them of pretty general so hopefully they're helpful! Why are you getting an MFA, and in particular why did you apply to UofM? Tell us why you want to be an artist? What is the main topic/question of inquiry/research question you are trying to unpack while at UofM? The U of M is a tier one research university, many of our departments and schools are the top-ranked programs in the country. Could you expand on your thoughts about interacting with other units/departments on campus? What role does research play in making your artwork? What do you believe is the role of Art and/or Artist in the 21st century? Where do you think Art and its practice is headed in the 21st century? How do you see your own work in relation to the 21st century? The Stamps school of A&D is committed to community outreach and engagement, we have programs with healthcare, public schools, animal shelters to name a few. Do you have experience or interest in these connections? The international travel experience is an important part of our graduate program. How would the international project inform your work, your research? What are your plans or thoughts after receiving an MFA? Tell us about your exhibition experience. Do you want to exhibit or do you see alternate ways to distribute your work? What are recent exhibitions you have seen that you have interested you and why? What artists do you admire? Tell us about something you’ve read (could be a theory, fiction, or news) that has had an impact on you? Have you had experience teaching, do you have an interest in teaching after your degree? Tell us a little about yourself and your interests (cooking, sports, etc) a memorable personal experience that has inspired you.
  3. chz&pcake

    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    Yeah me too :/ I feel better knowing either way though
  4. chz&pcake

    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    I interviewed with Tufts in 2016 so things may have changed since then but my interview was an extremely informal skype call with one faculty member. I might depend on who you speak to but the interviewer didn't have any prepared questions so we just chatted about my work. Best of luck!
  5. chz&pcake

    MFA 2019 Freak Out Forum

    Just got an invitation to interview with University of Michigan! I know it's still early but after no hits on my analytics I was feeling pretty bleak about the situation. Anyway this is my third year of applications so fingers crossed!

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