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  1. She just got back to me today- "Hi Christine, Thanks for following up about the status of your application. The admissions committee is still in the process of making its decisions and hopes to get back to applicants by the end of March. I hope this helps! best Julie " So at least we should know soon?
  2. I sent an email on Monday to the graduate coordinator, I'll let you know if she gets back to me
  3. Thanks! I think the funding depends on the funding available to the department- or at least that's what I was told at National Portfolio Day? This year they accepted 8 people, 2 of the 8 get full funding and the rest are offered 75%. I got the 75% but I'm still really excited about the offer
  4. I received a rejection from UT Austin's Sculpture Dept. today BUT I got an acceptance letter from University of Michigan! yay!!! I'm still waiting to hear anything back from CMU but I'm assuming it's a rejection at this point
  5. I've applied before and received the same email so it feels a little like a money grab to me...however if the facilities and access to faculty seem worth the money I certainly wouldn't talk anyone out of it
  6. Just got a rejection from VCU sculpture- I'm not shocked but still disappointed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. @justaylor I interview tomorrow. Its possible they're staggering interviews- I'm still waiting to hear back either way from 4 out of the 6 schools I applied to so I think we're still in the early stages.
  8. Here's a list of sample interview questions UofM included in their email to me. Most of them of pretty general so hopefully they're helpful! Why are you getting an MFA, and in particular why did you apply to UofM? Tell us why you want to be an artist? What is the main topic/question of inquiry/research question you are trying to unpack while at UofM? The U of M is a tier one research university, many of our departments and schools are the top-ranked programs in the country. Could you expand on your thoughts about interacting with oth
  9. Yeah me too :/ I feel better knowing either way though
  10. I interviewed with Tufts in 2016 so things may have changed since then but my interview was an extremely informal skype call with one faculty member. I might depend on who you speak to but the interviewer didn't have any prepared questions so we just chatted about my work. Best of luck!
  11. Just got an invitation to interview with University of Michigan! I know it's still early but after no hits on my analytics I was feeling pretty bleak about the situation. Anyway this is my third year of applications so fingers crossed!
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