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  1. Same here!! Finally some closure!
  2. Same to you - good luck!! I was very glad to read that someone else was having the same thing going on.
  3. I am in exactly the same boat! I reached out to the general grad email last week to follow up but haven't heard back.
  4. I would reach out to the grad coordinator to ask if deferring is an option - some schools won't allow you to defer at all. My understanding is that if you defer you are not guaranteed to receive your original funding offer in most cases, but I'm sure that varies by school. Good luck!!
  5. My guess is that this wasn't an actual deferred entrance student since lots of programs won't allow you to do that - I interpreted it as a person who got into the program previously but decided to wait and reapplied later but wasn't admitted. Which still sucks, but makes more sense to me that way!
  6. Has anyone heard from Boulder for sculpture post-interview?
  7. Got an acceptance from Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign yesterday! I burst into tears when I opened their email. Still waiting on funding news but so happy
  8. Did anyone else interview with University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign?
  9. Did anyone hear from UT Austin who applied to a department other than painting or photo? I'm assuming I'm out since I never heard back and people are getting accepted but just curious! Congrats to those of you who got accepted!!
  10. Just got an interview request from CU Boulder!!
  11. I agree too - I wouldn't necessary write off a post-bac as a waste of time or money, or as being "babysat." If you are in a professional situation after undergrad that limits your art practice I think it could be a very helpful option to get back into the studio, have access to professors, and have access to an artistic community. All of these things can nurture your portfolio and help get it to a point that might be stronger for MFA applications depending on your situation!
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