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  1. This advice is tremendously helpful--even though I expect the schools to understand that this is a big decision, I should remember to be respectful and polite. It's just really stressful to anxiously wait for the results AND think about fundings at the same time, but this forum is definitely helping me so much! Thank you so much color_aid 👀🌼
  2. Does anyone have experience/insights/tips regarding negotiating for more funding? Is mentioning another school with a better funding a good idea?
  3. I am not sure if they'd have separate committees for different concentrations.. it wouldn't hurt to call/email and ask them!!
  4. They had the first round of interviews! There could be more rounds tho
  5. Did anyone who interviewed with UC Irvine last week/the week before ask when we can hear back from them?
  6. You'll do great!!! Just be yourself and they will love you❤️ They asked for an interview because they liked your art after all!!!
  7. SAIC Skype interviews are happening today right? I wish everyone on this forum does great!
  8. Hey congrats!!!! do you know if they ever fund applicants for the travel cost?
  9. Hello, I was wondering if CalArts ever funds the finalists for the airfare/transportation within the US? Has anybody asked? Thanks!
  10. 😢😢 Me neither! It's truly nerve-wrecking, but let's keep each other updated :'D
  11. Has anyone heard back from UCLA DMA? Thanks!!
  12. U Michigan is holding their first round of interviews this week.
  13. Did anyone who had an interview with Parsons MFA hear back? Thanks!
  14. Congrats!!!! I'm happy for you!!!!
  15. MassArt 2D/3D interviews are sent
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