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  1. Yes and no. There's been a huge change in the populace as of this post. Now there are close to 15 black people on campus. We also have our own meetups (with an organization dedicated to black people and another POC, and another to the Queer populace on campus) to change and shift directions in departments that don't by intervening in crits introducing strategies to challenge potentially racist cohorts and department heads (words out on that as many will not be publicly to save face). There's also a racial guidance coordinator assigned to the school. There's also classes directly pointed
  2. As person that works with the Photo people here on campus that's really a crapshoot. DM me and I can give you a second opinion based on what you make.
  3. Cranbrook is actually pretty well funded-- I was extended quite a bit during my acceptance to attend for Sculpture. They go out of their way to give you initial aid, and during the latter portion of the year you can sumbit for greater funds. In addition to this, they have fellow ships that bounce between the programs (I would look on the website to see what exactly you need to be considered-- as it varies). I am a low-income student without a car here so I can attest that your best bet is to own a car, and frequently get off campus. The issue of the school being semi-monastic is very real howe
  4. Hey I go to Cranbrook and I can tell you much of the info you have on them is incorrect; they don't have the cross-disciplinary tag slapped on the surface, but they highly encourage it. I'm an oddball in the sculpture department right now, there are three to four other candidates that are not strictly sculptors in the major-- many people in each program do not strictly do the thing that their department offers-- rather the department offers the discourse surrounding the practice and adds to it. The program also features a sort of "minor" department feature where you can sit in on any critique
  5. Hey so I was accepted to Cranbrook's sculpture program and was trying to corral and connect with other grads that will be attending next year. Drop a post and or leave a message if you're attending so we can touch base as the school year is over May 5th and I wont be able to see many of you until the start of the year September 5th. If you dont feel comfy posting that you got in we can discuss things in messages but I'm super excited to meet my peers for this coming year! Much love to ya, M.P.
  6. Just reply to the email stating that you decline the offer.
  7. I got accepted to Cranbrook's Sculpture program this Fall! I'll see any of you guys attending come September! Congrats to everyone else who made it through the torturous process that is applying to grad school too!
  8. Update: while I was rejected by the Painting program I was considered by the sculpture program based on my portfolio and essay so I have an interview noon Friday fro Cranbrook!
  9. Rejected from Cranbrook so that's it! All I got is Pratt and with the amount of aid I'll get I will prospectively get I can't attend Pratt either unless they give me more aid so this year was sadly a bust, but I am waiting on some residencies to reply so I have that. Much power to those still waiting and those that got in. I'll see you guys next year if they don't give me more aid for Pratt. Malik
  10. Got accepted to Pratt with 38k in aid, but cost of attendance is like 110k so I dunno if I'm going to be able to make it to New York this year.😞
  11. Check the Freakout page for more info on MICA; it's refreshing to hear that Cranbrook is giving out interviews. When did you hear last? Can you post your portfolio?
  12. I've gotten a response and Nik2 apparently has as well. I think Design is running behind schedule.
  13. I got my interview for Pratt tonight (unfortunately I have to take off work for it since all of the days are during my teaching hours) but nevertheless dope as fuck; a few of the staff stopped by my dorm at UIUC during undergrad 4 years ago so I'm looking to touch base with them again. Still waiting on the new department heads of Cranbrook's Painting program to hit me up about their interviews/information though so hopefully I have more than one choice.
  14. What program(s) did you apply to?
  15. Been watching this thread since it started and I've been a huge fan of these threads since 2017 hope everyone is doing well. Second time applying and I'm 3 years out of college. Only applied to Hunter, Pratt and Cranbrook for painting. Already got rejected by Hunter-- anyone got updates on the interviews for either Pratt or Cranbrook? The anticipation is killing me; but I also applied to literally every residency in the Midwest applicable to someone straight out of college (Oxbow, ACRE, Ragdale) and Skowhegan if my portfolio isn't up to snuff. I don't want the application process t
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