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  1. Hello everyone I just finished my applications for USA schools for painting MFA program for 2020 Yale RISD SAIC Hunter and, RCA Goldsmiths in London, UK If anyone went to one of these schools I would love to hear about your experiences (good and bad) Wish everyone hears good news from your first top choices!
  2. I would like some advice about school my options! please help me!! Goldsmiths MFA Arts vs MICA MFA Painting vs Cranbrook MFA Painting
  3. I had my first interview with Cranbrook on beginning of February. And I got invited for the second interview on mid February! I'm sorry I feel too shy to post my portfolio
  4. Goldsmiths-Interview scheduled Cranbrook-Final interview scheduled MICA-haven't heard anything yet I was wondering if anyone got interviewed for MFA painting department at MICA?
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