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  1. Me, too. I didn't even get invitation for an interview:)
  2. Congrats for your acceptances! I was accepted MICA & Cranbrook Sculpture and UCLA for another field. So I have no idea to decide school because they are all good.. deadline of Cranbrook is next Tuesday. It really makes me crazy.. I comparing Cranbrook with UCLA. Their advantages are so different. I think you also have so many thinking to choose the school.. In my case, I'm thinking about location, cost of study and major... maybe it depends on my choice of department..🤯
  3. I heard nothing from RISD sculpture as well..
  4. Is there anyone who got funding package from Cranbrook? I think Cranbrook has good environment to do artwork but they sent me acceptance letter without funding. So I hesitating a little. What do you think about this, guys? If you were me, will you decide to go to Cranbrook without funding or go to another school that gives you scholarship?
  5. Hey, how was your ESLPE??? I'm so worried about it. There are no info about ESLPE..... PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME... I hope you did great job and got in there..
  6. Is there anyone who has been asked to take UCLA English as a Second Language Placement Examination(ESLPE)? (sigh)
  7. Looks like MICA Sculpture decisions also sent out. I got acceptance email yesterday.
  8. I also applied RISD for Sculpture but haven't heard anythingx.x Even they didn't invite me to interview.. frustrating haha
  9. Congrats! I get acceptance now! How was your interview? Who did you interview with?
  10. I had interview with UCLA first, and that was terrible.. because I'm an international student so my English ability isn't perfect so faculty should ask me to repeat some sentences several times. Even they told me I should learn English more. I thought I screwed up the interview becuse they seemed like they have thinking that I cannot catch up the classes. Interview was generally formal, I think. And interview with Cranbrook was great. It was like Critique Class! Interviewer ask me many In-Depth questions. I was so happy she asked me following questions. My major is fine art so I hoped interviewer understands my background, philosophy and concept of artwork deeply!(On the other hand, there was no following questions at UCLA. I think it's because, maybe major is different. I applied to UCLA for Design Media Arts(I have BFA in Sculpture and BA in Art History)) Anyway, it was sooo good talking with interviewer of Cranbrook. I felt Cranbrook is absolutely one of the best schools to develop fine artworks. I got offer from Pratt($60,000 funding/Digital Imaging), UCLA(about $22,000 funding including TA offer/Design Media Arts) and Cranbrook(funding package didn't arrive yet/Sculpture). I cannot decide.. I think New York is so expensive to live although I got $60,000 funding.. If I keep doing my sculpture and installation art, I will go to Cranbrook. But I also hope to learn media art for broadening my field. Sorry, maybe I'm too much talker. I hope this reply answers your question. + If anyone can help me to decide school, please give me some advice. Thank you:)
  11. I got offer letter via email. They said they will send official letter soon:)
  12. Oh! I also applied for DMA, and got accepted as well!! Horaaaaay! Maybe I will study with your friend!
  13. I just got accepted Cranbrook & UCLA!!!!!!!!!! with TA offer + little funding Holymolyohmydaysthanksgod
  14. It's not interdisciplinary studio but I heard that results will come out within 2 weeks from UCLA Design Media Arts department.
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