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  1. Thank you for leaving comments. 🙂Congratulations!! I also just got the interview invitation.
  2. I am also waiting to hear from RISD. 😂 I will leave the comment if I get any news from risd ceramics!! Hope all of us have good results. Good luck!
  3. Also got an interview invitation from CCA!🙂🙂 Anyone heard from Risd Ceramics?😭
  4. Has anyone heard from RISD ceramics? RISD is one of my dream schools..! Hope to get a request to interview from RISD..😂 Thanks!
  5. I received an interview invitation from SAIC (ceramics)! Good luck to all of you guys!
  6. I also applied for ceramics. I m waiting to hear from Risd, saic, cca, rit. Congrats with your acceptance to OSU and UMD!! What else did you apply?
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